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My Girls Car

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My girls car before and after


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Yep, thats nice, not to `ricey`
Looks much better now. I used to drive a 92 Civic hatch just like that, mine had that same hatch spoiler and 16" wheels too. It was about performance (B18B turbo w/ MT E/T street tires) not rice. What kind of performance mods does it have?
Does it have the Vtec engine, i want to get a CRX Del Sol 1.6 16v Vtec once i get a full time job next year. I can wish :lol
updated pics with the new rims

Its got a ls/vtec
b16 head
b16 tranny
act clutch
jg intake manifold
skunk 2 catback exhaust


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I like the new ones, I've always liked black rims on Civic H/B's though. maybe polish the lip? Also, what kind of rims are those? Are the lighter than the old rims? If so, it's fine by me. :)
Those new rims make it look like shit.( like a beater car) I agree, I like the old ones better.
Please put the silver rims back on. Black rims looks like dirty socks to me.

Definately like the black rims. are they 15's or 16's
The black wheels are not bad, but they would look better with polished rims IMHO.

btw - an LS/VTEC, aka 'Frankenstein' consists of a 1.8L bottom end, GSR heads and a GSR tranny.

Nice color choice - appears to be the same color as the 350Z - Sunset. A definite improvement over the 'rice look' (free advertising and bad graphic design) she previously had.
I like the new rims. The black rims accent the black spoiler...and every other black piece on the car really. It all fits together...versus those old, generic-looking rims. I'd say it's an improvement.
Never been a fan of black rims. Just looks like your hubcaps fell off or you've got 4 spare tires on there :confused.
It seems we need a quick English lesson, so here goes. Not being 'holier than thou', but I hate seeing terms used incorrectly and people not knowing the difference. Just some info guys/gals to make you a little bit smarter. ;)

  1. The usually curved or circular border or edge of an object.
  2. The circular outer part of a wheel, furthest from the axle.
  3. A circular metal structure around which a wheel tire is fitted.

  1. A solid disk or a rigid circular ring connected by spokes to a hub, designed to turn around an axle passed through the center.
Yeah, I hate when people do that too. They say, "check my 22" rims" I just laugh and say "where? you mean the wheels?" they say "yeah, the rims" :lol grammar Nazi's take the cake :chair

Guesss I'm the only one that thought the old paint looked better.
Wow nice car....NOT
The only time black rims look good is if they are on a car of significant value. Ive seen blacked out audi's and range rovers that look good with those kind of rims, it brings a sort of elegance to them. But when you throw them on a 3,000 dollar honda it just makes it look like the hub caps fell off and your rollin a beater.
Yeah 4 spare tires or hubcaps were stolen by the kids next door.

Ghetto looking.
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