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my first vid

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first time i'm editing and compressing video, so any pointers are welcome. :)

45MB, 10 minutes long
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I only watched the first couple minutes. But it looks like a fun place to ride.
Watched half of it, then skipped through. Try mounting the cam on the helmet too, the viewer gets a feel of the road from the actual driver's seat. :)
not an option. i'm not using a helmet cam. :)
yeah man it does look like a fun road
The trick to do is edit your raw video (the way it comes from the camers in the pc) when your done use Dr.DivX to compress it. Its the simplest and easiest to use, really fast and gives incredable results. Your 10 minute video would be 15Mb or so with equal or better quality. Its free too. Get it here

Oh ya upload it to a file host like this one. Then we can download it and watch it full screen rather than on a small web page. This place is new and if you register for Total Share (Its free, not nessesary) you get a free premimum account good till 2030 :)
thanks Krazy Hawaiian, i'm gonna try it out tonight. putting the video from my trip yesterday together. :)


nvm, encoded my first vid with drdivx and it didn't please me. filesize was indeed around 10MB and quality stayed as good as unchanged compared to the one posted. but audio would fall out now and then or start a second to late. although this was encoded using the same avi file i used the first time.

i'll stay with adobe premiere pro for the moment.
maybe when i have a little more time i'll fiddle around with it. we'll see. :)
looks like a pretty nice ride..some places you got to really open the bike up- I live in Florida so, it's pretty hard for me to find some roads with curves..don't take it for granted.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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