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This is what I found for you on

"If your dog or cat gets sprayed by a skunk the first thing you want to do is make sure your pet is physically ok. If your dog or cat was scratched, it's best you contact the vet asap to find out if your pet is up to date on its rabies shot. Some skunks carry rabies so you must be 100% sure. Rabies is fatal.

Next you want to check your pet's nose and eyes. They often get blasted there and it's very uncomfortable. Take a wet cloth or some baby wipes and gently wipe these areas clean. If the eyes took a direct hit or if the eyes remain watery or extra red after cleaning, then an immediate visit to the vet is called for. Skunk spray in the eyes is extremely painful.

Next it's time to get the smell out of the fur/hair. The traditional way is to use tomato juice. Cover the dog or cats fur with liberal amounts of tomato juice and work into the coat. Let it stay on for 5 minutes. Rinse well. Shampoo with your normal pet shampoo and rinse extra well. This method works pretty well for most cats and dogs. Sometimes, depending on how bad the dog or cat got sprayed, there may still be a bit residual skunk smell. Repeat the procedure again if necessary. The smell is usually bearable at this point and goes away completely after a few days.

Here's another way to get rid of skunk smell. It is reputed to be better than the tomato juice method.

1 quart (or liter) of never opened 3% Hydrogen Peroxide available in most drug stores.
1/4 cup (50 ml.) of Baking Soda
1 teaspoon (5 ml.) of liquid dish soap

Using a pair of rubber gloves mix the ingredients together IN AN OPEN container like a bucket and watch it get fizz up. Try to see where your pet got hit and rub the mixture well into the fur while avoiding the eyes, and other sensitive parts like the nose and mouth. Let it stay on for 5 minutes or longer if the smell keeps lingering. Rinse extra well. This usually works well once but you may need to do this twice if your pet took a particularly nasty spraying. The solution will not change the colour of your pet's fur. DO NOT STORE or REUSE MIXTURE as it will build up pressure in a closed container and possibly explode. Dump it all after using it once.

If after your best attempts at bathing and cleaning your pet is still very uncomfortable, especially regarding its eyes (red, watery) then a trip to the vets is a must."

Sounds like if you give her a few baths with tomato juice, all will be okay after a day or so.

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Thanks for looking out for me by looking it up, man. :cheers I did the Google thing, and tried peroxide / baking soda / dish soap thing. It helped, but the smell is still there. I’ll score some tomato juice tomorrow, but was hoping to not deal with the mess. ;) If nothing else, it’ll be a funny talk with the agent tomorrow.

BTW, I forgot to mention I got sprayed a little, too. :mad

You will be missed Shawn
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ugggghhhhh, I'm friend recently had a skunk get into his AC system in his can imagine the rest...

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:mad: nastyness!!

The last place my G/f was at (im the night owl) the cat came in a
with a huge strand of saliva hanging from it's face...
then the smell hit me....

I ran the laundry room sink, warm.
The cat actually let me pick it up put it's head under the tap &
sat there for 20seconds then I held him while he squirmed for another 10, 15seconds...

He must have been in pain to just sit under the tap like that!! :cry

A few weeks later I heard something in the back yard...
I open back door a big skunk looks up from digging for grubs
makes some kind of grunt noise & moved rather quickly for a skunk
Right towards the door :2eek -slam-

what can I say it was a bad neighbourhood even the skunks had attitude!
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