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MW Kickstand Switch Bypass Kit

This is the original Kickstand Switch Bypass Kit. This kit plugs into your Ducati motorcycle and allows you to run the engine with the bike sitting on the kickstand--perfect for warming up your bike before you ride!

Late-model Ducati motorcycles have a switch attached to the kickstand (kickstand interlock switch) which only allows the engine to start and run while the kickstand is up. This can be very annoying, especially if you want to warm up the engine while you are not sitting on the bike.
This kit plugs into your stock wiring harness. It allows you to start and run your engine while the kickstand is down, but ONLY when the transmission is in neutral.

This kit has a built-in safety feature: if you try to ride away with the kickstand down, the engine will shut off as soon as the bike is put in gear. We recommend this product for street use or anytime when you want to be able to start or run the engine with the kickstand down
If you would like to be able to remove the kickstand interlock system entirely, such as for race use, then please look for our Kickstand Switch Eliminator kit.

This kit is plug-and-play. Anyone can install this in about 30 minutes. It comes complete with ILLUSTRATED DIRECTIONS for a no-hassle install. This kit is made with OEM-spec weatherproof connectors that plug into the factory wiring harness. There is NO CUTTING or any other kind of modification required. The weatherproof connectors keep moisture and dirt out of the wiring ensuring it will last for years. All wiring is Certified TXL-grade high temperature automotive wire. This bypass kit is built to the same high standards as the OEM wiring harness.

Please note that this item includes the Kickstand Bypass, all required parts, AND complete directions.

Fits most Ducati: M620-695-696-750-800-900-1000, S4, S2R-S4RS, 748-998, ST2-ST4S, Multistrada 620-1000-1100, Sport Classics,

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