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Don't waste your time with this thread
unless you are absolutley bored to tears!!!!!

Ode to last night's ride
by Stevie G

Precursor "the arrival"

Prelude to a shift
I glance through the traffic to scope out my line.
When I get to BFS, I'll stop on a dime.
that yellow line is crooked.
that car looks wickerish.
Wow I'm late...

Hey there's that one guy...
and there's that other dude...
and I see some bikes, but not many trikes.
I saw that bike this morning...
where's my homie cluster?
Oh... there in the middle,
Now I'm riding a maze

One week I want ride night to be right there in the parking lot
and we all take turns one at a time riding the twisties
of spaces between the bikes.

There's Davisa! I spy me a fox
but wait!!! There's Emily
Damn she's smokin' HOT!!!

Movement I "The Departure"

Waiting is over!!!!
It's time to roll!!!!
must suck to be a looser,
stuck at home smokin' a bowl

Movement II "One with the streets"

We skipped the gas stop
that's what I like about that
now we missed WaterTown Plank,
Only me to thank for that.
This is a nice area.
slow traffic sucks.

Hey! there's a twistie!
Where'd everyone go?
Menomonee Parkway,
Is curvey but slow.
There's a picknic basket.
beep bee... those are all joes :(

No hotties through Tosa,
Choo choo trains are neat...
nothing here
There's beer over my head!
nothing here
If I were alone right now I'd be dead.

Movement III "Sex in the City"

I'm one with my bike
these metal sheets are slippery
I like the bumpy bumpy,
looking at the scenery in the windows
Is my favorite part of riding in traffic
MMmmm nice...
now I'm done

Movement IV "Ode to Bradford Beach"

curvy, curvy down to the beach
what magnificent smells
its a nostril hole feast!!!

The twinkle of the moon
glistening over chunky shores.
in thick hughs of brown and tan under feet.

it squishes through toes, and pierces the nose,
with the memory of buritos and last night's sloppy joes.

I taste the sweet breeze and bask in it's glory
anyone up for a swim? This smell makes me...

Movement V "Lake Shore Drive"

Now I'm too bored to continue my lethargic rantings....
Cliff Notes on the rest of the night:
slow traffic sucks
time for gas
time to play
OUch!!! suck!!!
are you okay?

"I could have been a poet, if I would have known how to make the words sound right"

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It was a nice attempt...I was bored, read it, and smiled....job well done.

50cc's of Honda power!
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yes! i was mentioned in the lyrics. youre the next eminem fo' shizzle yo.

No Whammy No Whammy STOP!
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SqwaMaster said:

If I were alone right now I'd be dead.
Thats the best line. Because its so true. That ghetto ride was off the hook, dog.

The "Ode to Bradford Beach" was pretty funny.

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i can just picture myself in one of those poetry cafe's drinking coffee/cappucino and yell out'"yeah! i feel ya!" and start *clappin* =)

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We need to start up a poetry minute when we are stopping for a coffee at Starbucks so we can all don our groovey caps and really pump up the "sportbike" image :)

You know how the women love a sensative artsy fartsy pansy type.

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that's a better bet, but poetry is cheaper. If someone with a SUV would just leave thier bike at home (we never ride anyway) they could tote a wheel and a kiln out and we could do pottery as well. I've heard that's sexy also.
anything that ends in the "ree" sound is sexy
cherry tree
tom foolery
hmmm... there must be more...
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