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Mtn Riding

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this coming weekend. Loading up Friday night. Headed off to Roanoke, Va Saturday morning. I'll get some good video of the mtn's for ya all.:beer I'll be headed back on Tuesday morning. That will give me two good days of riding up there. Let ya all know how it it went when I get back.:cheers
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RT, you suck bro!!! lol
Seriously though, hope ya have a great time and be safe up there.

Speed... stop takin pics of your grand daughter mang!!! That just aint right but she does have a nice booty!!! :lao
Damn Who is that?
His grandaughter!!!! He is truely a perv :eek:nfloor
Your crazy!!!!
And....... :eek:nfloor
made it home. What a weekend for riding.
Yeah, enough of the talkin already and hit us up with some pics/vids!!

Oh, and quit textin me about your awesome riding vacations while we are all working!!! :neener :eek:nfloor
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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