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Mtn Riding

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this coming weekend. Loading up Friday night. Headed off to Roanoke, Va Saturday morning. I'll get some good video of the mtn's for ya all.:beer I'll be headed back on Tuesday morning. That will give me two good days of riding up there. Let ya all know how it it went when I get back.:cheers
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Dammit man I want to go...Working on and testing these airboats is getting old!!

Oh yea, I can see where that would get old!
On my way home now. Some really great riding. About 650 miles total for me. The bird ran and handled flawlessly. Can't wait to do it again. Got some really great video also. I'll be working on it during the week.
made it home. What a weekend for riding.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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