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MSF in the heat and gear....

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I'm exhausted still have tomorrow left, but OMG. I think I almost went into heat stroke, Tomorrow I'm just taking my gloves boots helmet and just a long sleeve shirt and leaving the jacket out of it. But Tomorrow after I get out I'll post my final thoughts on the entire experience...but I'm still like out of it, a lot of the students were soaked in their own sweat and I was having a hard time tomorrow to think of....
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maybe i'm paranoid but i wore all my gear and was hot as shit. Second day i even when i knew iw as going to be hot as shit i still wore it all. I just made sure my helmet was cracked (makes a huge difference!) during riding, and on brakes i unzipped my jacket, took my gloves and helmet and got as much air flow as i could. You're going to have to ride with your gear all the time.... might as well get used to it!!

Have fun out there! My MSF is what got me hooooooooked on riding! ENJOY!!! :)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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