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I am looking into a job working for the Army, Hilo is the name of the place. Can somone tell me what island that is on? I really want this job but I am a little apprehensive. I live in Sacramento right now and I have been told it does not cost that much more than hear unless you live right on the beach or in an exclusive area. Are cars affordable their or should I keep the one I have and ship it. I assume their are no racetracks over their (road not drag). I am single so what is the man to woman ratio, I am 30 but look about 24.
Car insurance prices, above average my current company does not write for Hawaii so I will have to find new ins. Traffic compared to here. Sacramento/ San Francisco. Access to medical care. Crime rate.
Sorry to ask so much but it is a big move for me.
All help apprecciated(sp)

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