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Willow Springs surprised us with the track opening on Monday, February 17th - Presidents day at Streets of Willow, so we took it without any hesitation. We hope to see you there: Register :
Riders of all skill levels are :welcome2 to register for the event. MWGP racers ride for only $99.00. Please e-mail us your name and race license number to request a discount code ($21 off) for your registration.
To register, visit the following link: Register :

Overnight camping will be available Sunday night, the gates at the track close at 8pm.

Trackside services:
We will have "Dunlop Track Tire Service" on site, for more information and details on tires provided please give us a call: (800)930-2815

Lindemann Engineering, owned by former AMA Pro Racing rider and crew chief Ed Sorbo of EDventure Racing, will be on-hand to provide suspension tuning services at the entire series of Motoyard track days in 2013. If you have any questions or need more information about suspension services please contact Ed: (909) 838-4587, Motorcycle Race Suspension - Lindemann Engineering.

Caliphotography is at all our events to capture the excitement and action, making riders look like pros. For more information please visit their webpage: CaliPhotography or give them a call: (866)515-2112

Motorcycle, leather and gear rentals
are also available upon request - email [email protected] for more information.

As always: free snacks, fruits and drinks, free instruction for anyone interested, no pressure atmosphere, and lots of track time.

Register at:
See you all at the track! :grinbounc :D :grinbounc :D :grinbounc
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