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Life In America
1987 – Average household income is $24,350. An Iraqi missile strikes USS Stark killing 37. Saddam apologizes. Iran-Contra debacle sinks military career of Ollie North. Unemployment is at 6.2%. Prozac is released for general use. 30 Something debuts on TV, and The Simpsons make their first appearance as a segment on the Tracy Ullman Show. At the movies we see two sides of romance, Moonstruck, with Nicholas Cage and Cher, and Fatal Attraction with Glenn Close. Michael Jackson is Bad, and George Michael tells us we gotta have Faith. You can buy a new Jeep pickup for $6,495, just a few hundred dollars more than the new Harley Sportster 1200, $5875. Gas is cheap at $.89 per gallon. It’s Cycle World’s 25th Anniversary.

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