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I recently purchased a Bell Vortex helmet from motorcycle closeouts. I had tried one on previously and I thought the size small fit me the best, but I tried on a lot of helmets and must have gotten the sizes messed up. It turns out medium is what fit me the best. My mistake.

I called motorcycle closeouts to get a return number. First, their 'customer service' doesn't open until 11am EST. I'm not used to dealing with companies that open at nearly noon, but that's not a huge deal. Their business, their hours. However, that is quite inconvenient. They also didn't pick up their phones promptly at 11; I had to call a few times before they picked up.

I let the man who picked up the phone know that I needed to return the helmet because it was the wrong size. He told me that I needed to log in and do it through their site; they couldn't do it over the phone. Again, not a huge deal, but inconvenient. He also said that it would take two business days until I would get the return number, which needed to be printed out and put in the box. It will then take up to two weeks to process. At that point I will get store credit and can then re-order the item, and pay the shipping again (which I don't have a problem with, since it was my mistake for buying the wrong size). I've done a lot of online shopping and have had to return/exchange a few things, sometimes my own fault, sometimes not. This is out of the ordinary in my experience.

Although I wasn't happy with the timeline, I still wasn't all that upset. I told him that I would order a new helmet and pay for it, then when I returned the other one, I would just request a full refund. He said I could do that, but I would be charged a 10% or $10 fee, whichever is greater. This is written in their return policy, but my circumstance was different, as I didn't actually want my money back, per se. I was just trying to speed up the slow process of returning the item by buying an identical item (of different size) and then having the money refunded to me once I returned the other one. He flat out refused to do this. Then he started getting very argumentative and acting quite cynical and wry. It sucks getting treated like a number instead of an individual customer.

I had read on another online forum awhile back that someone had a poor experience with this company regarding returns. A representative from this company made a reply in that thread that said they wouldn't charge a restocking fee for the first item returned by that customer. I inquired to the man from Motorcycle Closeouts about this post online and he said they aren't going to charge me a restocking fee. They're going to charge me a repackaging and handling fee. I asked him isn't that the same thing? He then said "That's for you to figure out."

I was really shocked at the poor level of customer service that this company has showed. However, I really shouldn't have been, as I've poked around the internet and found that my disdain for their customer service is not unique. I will be returning the helmet for a refund and will take my service elsewhere. Looks like I'll be out $30 or so - $10 shipping, $10 restock fee (or whatever they want to call it), and about $10 fee for shipping it back to them, all without a helmet. Grand.

Oh, and as an aside, they have free shipping on orders over $100... but it excludes closeouts. I find this to be quite perplexing coming from a company called motorcycle closeouts.

This is a warning to any other potential customers of this store. Their service was good until after the sale... Which is a true measure of how a company treats its customers.

I'll stick to Revzilla and Motorcycle-Superstore for my online shopping. I wish I had a decent local shop around me.
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