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I'm not promoting esurance, it's just an interesting read.

Esurance – Motorcycle Theft: Facts, Stats, and Prevention

The unique issue of motorcycle theft
What exactly makes motorcycles so stealable? For one thing, compared to cars, motorcycles are lacking in anti-theft technology and thieves have a much easier time cracking their locks. Many models also feature remote-starting devices (now banned in some states, including California) that let bike-jackers turn on the ignition without even bothering with a lock.
Thieves also tend to be attracted to motorcycles because many are powerful, high-performance vehicles that offer both a thrill factor and profit from the sale of whole bikes or stripped parts. Many motorcyclists also add aftermarket enhancements to their rides, making them that much more valuable to thieves.
All of this adds up to one serious theft issue. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), nearly 47,000 motorcycles were stolen in 2011. And even though that's a 6 percent decline from the previous year, it's still more than enough to make you think twice before you leave your bike unattended.

Motorcycle theft statistics

5 most-stolen motorcycles

Not surprisingly, the strongest bait for bike theft are powerful models with street-racing capabilities and profitable parts. Be particularly cautious if you ride a Honda — nearly 1 out of every 4 motorcycles stolen is a Honda.

3 months with highest theft risk

3 months with lowest theft risk

Just like you, bike thieves are most comfortable when it's warm out. Make extra sure to take security precautions once summer hits.

5 states with the most motorcycle thefts
North Carolina

While part of this is only logical — of course California and Texas have lots of thefts; they have more registered motorcycles than most other states — again some of it can be chalked up to weather. There's more time for thieves to work in comfort in warm states.
Preventing motorcycle theft

The stolen-motorcycle recovery rate is quite low: only 25–30 percent, compared with 60–65 percent for cars. So nipping theft in the bud is all the more crucial.

Here are some methods to try:
Lock your ignition (the majority of thefts happen when the ignition is turned off but not locked)
Lock your motorcycle to a stationary, immovable object
Lock the forks and disc brakes

Install a motorcycle alarm
If group riding, park bikes together
If garage parking, hide your bike behind a car or large object
Check on your motorcycle periodically
Make sure locks are wrapped as tight as possible; slack provides room for thieves to chisel away
Install a hidden "kill" switch
If selling your motorcycle, don't let unknown buyers go for solo test rides (they may not come back)
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