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You got that right.
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Discussion Starter #1 is a model for every vendor! They are VERY customer-centric, easy to navigate website, and very competitive prices. I find myself shopping at other websites, but their prices are some of the best on the 'net. :banana

They were behind on my order from their vendor/distributor and they expedited my shipping from ground to 2nd day for free to make sure that my order arrived on time! :phatyo

Oh, and when you call, you can get to friendly operator very quickly. I hate talking to machines like so many huge, bloated and out of touch corporations know-a-days make you do (or using an annoying menu scheme). Talking to people makes the transaction much more enjoyable IMO.

I wanted to post up on this for awhile. I ordered the wrong size a few times and they shipped out the right size right over the phone. Great customer service!

Thanks again!
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