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Infortunately, I 'm getting rid of my collection...most of them are VHS....but I do still have some DVD's left...
Most of the tapes I have reatailed for $24.99-$29.99 But I'm selling them for 12 bucks plus shipping and handling
If anyone is interested in purchasing 3 vids or more the price for each one is 10 BUCKS...

Some titles I have are:

-Las vegas Exthremes 1and 2
-Starboys FTP 1,FTP2, Burnouts (an instructional vid), stuntfest 2002
-Driving to Endanger 1
-New York's Finest
-Judgement day 1
-Take me for a ride (from a Cali stunt crew)
-12 O'clock (classic stunt vid)
-Urban streetbike warriors" 12 O' clock part 2
-A.C Farias freestyler (#1 stunter in the world in my opinion)
-Stuntriding Championship 98 and 99
-12 o' clock this is how we do it (an instructuional vid)
-Stunnin S.B.F (a crew from Northern CAli)
-Sportbike Hype 1

and more...

I also have the the import dvd called Streetfury if interested

If need be I can take a pic of the box cover if you want
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