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motorcycle daily rides the new 675

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Since Triumph decided that its middle-weight sportbike should be called the Daytona (rather than 'TT'), Hinckley has tried three times. First came a four-cylinder model in 600cc displacement, then a four-cylinder 650cc, and now the three-cylinder 675. All good things come in threes these days for Triumph, and it has been decided in the highest places that exclusivity will be connected with the make. So has Triumph got it right this time?
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I happened to hit the dealership when they were doing a demo ride with triumph. I called in to work adn told'em Id be a lil late. Afterall, ya gota have your priorities straight.....right :eek:nfloor

Found it to be a lil bit taller than the jap middleweights but being 5'9" it didnt bother me and could still touch down without a prob. The bike was LIGHT as can be. Very flickable. Finally the lead guy opened it up a bit and b4 I knew it looked down and was at 100 (didnt feel like it at all). Had a nice pull to it from low rpm and it revved up very quick. The brakes had a great feel to them and the clutch was very smooth. Found myself having to much weight on the wrists though and had to use more leg/stomach to stay off the bars (bike has a very aggresive ridin position to it). I fell in love with it since I first read about it in SR.

I have (had) a gsxr 750 up until now (sale pending) and have a deposit on a silver one at the dealership :phatyo Hopefully things will go right in the morning and I will have the 675 in a couple days :)
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