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Here is an email I sent to the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources more than 2 weeks ago. What do you think?

Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 4:33 AM
To: '[email protected]'
Subject: state park fees question


My question pertains to motorcycles in state parks. We like to travel around the state to various state parks. What we notice is that cars and vans who can and do hold between 4 and 10 passengers and cause much more wear and tear on the park are charged $4 per vehicle for entrance. Motorcycles, which are smaller and obviously carry less occupants and have less wheels are charged the same. So when my girlfriend and I ride our motorcycles to our state parks we are charged $8. If we had driven a van and brought 8 of our friends it would have only been $4. Does this make any sense? $4 per person for motorcycles and .40 cents per person for a van? Last weekend we went to turkey run with 4 other bikes for dinner, $24 on top of dinner. Something is definitely wrong with your pricing structure.

David S. Hartsock
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