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I want to give props to (esp. Julie), after coming out and making it right.

Origianlly I ordered a Jacket (Gericke Triton) from them and waited for a WEEK to get it. After not seeing it on my porch, I called them and talked to Julie. She said she'll call me back once she investigated the situation... And so she did. They overnighted me the jacket and earned a future "return" customer by making it right without me even asking for it. :headbang
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also, to make it even more "right" for me, they gave me crapload of promo goodies (stickers, keychains and a bunch of t-shirts). They are good people in my book
sounds good to me...i'll look them up in the near future...
I'll second the recommendation for Motoemporium. I just ordered a bunch of gear from them. One of the pairs of gloves I ordered was small...they told me to send it back and they'd swap them out for the next size up. They paid shippng and everything because I guess a few people have had problems with those particular gloves running small. Great prices there as well.
They'll also beat any competitors price. I was about to order a lid from Helmet Harbor when I saw a post on here , where someone ordered the same lid for $20 cheaper from ME. I called and that's what she sold it to me for.
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