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I wanted lower bars, and it became clear the Triumph Sprint bars were the way to go, clip-ons or other choices weren't easy to work with.

I bought a set of 2000 Sprint bars from Jason Winterstein here on the board. Perfect mechnical condition, fair finish. I'll probably pull them and either black them or just use a silver hammer finish like the triple clamp.

So, mounting was pretty easy. Didn't have to unhook any of the controls, everything was pretty much bolt off, bolt on. Had to adjust the angle of the brake line so it wouldn't put undo pressure on the hose at full lock, but other than that, it all fit nice.

The left grip wasn't even glued on, so I just slid a screw driver up between the grip and the bar, ran some water in, good to go. The throttle cables BARELY clear the tank at full lock, but they clear. The clutch cable ended up needed to be loosened up some, due to the extra length now present.

The bars just feel SO right. FOR ME, this is how the bike should have came.

Other than my speedohealer, I think I'm about done with my mods on what I would consider the most "perfect" bike I've owned out of the box. (unless I get some $$ and go a USD fork .:motorbike2:)

Stock -vs- 2000 bars

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