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what R you lookin' at?
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didn't do a whole lot, bought the bike this way.........all for $3100 :p

Yosh RS-3 full exhaust
woodcraft rearsets and pedals
SS ft brake lines
ractech springs
shaved seat
K & N filter

all for $3100

we've added (officially my wife's bike, our track bike)
bridgestone bt-010
nates sliders

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02 SV
2WheelJunkie bodywork and undertail
Suzuki Seat Cowl and Hugger
GSXR carbon fiber heel guards and levers
Naked SV rear sprocket
Kawi 636 rear shock
20wt fork oil
Mososlider frame sliders
ZG double bubble smoked windscreen
Art Slip on

and some other little mods.

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'99 SV Naked

Before I bought it:
Corbin seat
Sub. Machinery Clipon Bars
Dented Micron can
Custom rearsets
Jet Kit
Progressive Springs and Heavier Fork Oil (wt?)
Custom Shock linkage lifting tail 1.5-2"

My mods:
Ti-Micron can
Renthal Bar
Neon bling-bling

Waiting to be installed:
Dual projector headlights
Dual undertail exhaust
Gel Rear Seat
Motosliders Frame Sliders

It's also got the newer Avon ST tires, (had Sport II's for two sets) seem to be lasting longer with no real difference in turn-in, feel, or stickyness for my only street and touring riding.

RIP Sirkbac
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I haven't kept track of the prices...that would just make me upset or something :)

02 SV650 naked
BT-010 front
BT-020 rear
Suburban Machinery Type-II handlebars
Racetech .85kg/in front springs
20W fork oil
Vance & Hines S4 Stainless full exhaust
Carbs have been jetted (pilot jets = stock, main = 152.5)
2 shims on each needle in carb
desnorkled air filter

It definitely has more punch than stock...but I've never dynoed the bike because I just don't care that much.

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Hey All,
Just picked up this sweet ride:

01 sv650s, red, 15k mi

came with:
ohlins rear
racetech +emulators front
leo vince carbon full (high)
flush signals up front
motosliders frame sliders
rk/afam chain/sprockets
bmc air filter

thinking about:
rear fender eliminator (what's good & cheap ?)
ss brake lines, pads, rotors (what's good?.. galfer?)

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'03 SVS

Corbin seat
Two Brothers slip-on
ZG dark tint windscreen
Suzuki lower fairing, frame sliders, rear seat cowl, and hugger
Targa fender eliminator
clear turn signal lenses
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