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Just got back from a 2400 mile, 5 day, trip through Montana, Idaho, Glacier Park and Yellowstone. It was an awesome trip and the FZ6 performed great, however I do have a couple of complaints. I'm 6'1 and wide shoulders and the mirrors leave something to be desired. I either see my elbow or the outside lane and really have to lean over to see behind me. Does anyone know of a company that makes a longer mirror? I think if I extended them a couple of inches they would work great. The other item is the handlebars. When I had my hands on the grips I would get sore between the shoulderblades. I would move my hands out 3" it seemed to work a lot better, but I only had half a palm on the grip. Is there someone who makes a handlebar that is a little wider but is still swept back and has the same rise? Thanks for any input you guys have. I will post some pics of the trip when I get them back.
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