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Mirror adjustment

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I am a little furstrated with my mirror adjustment. I am big (6ft1in with broad shoulders). If I set the mirrors for say 10% shoulder, then I cant see the cars behind me. With 50+% shoulder I can see the cars better (with a little head movement), but then my blind spots are non existent. I am a fairly new rider and this makes me feel more than a little uncomfortable.

Is there a magic way of setting the mirrors on my FZ6, or must I try to add an extra mirror (or TV camera ala MotoGP and one more screen)? One local guide for example state that you should set one mirror for blind spot and the other for rear view!

Any thoughts would be welcomed.

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Most motorcycle dealers sell small convex mirrors that allow you to see what's behind you and helps with your blind spots too, but remember to always turn your head before changing lanes. They work great for me. I'm 6'2" and had the same problem you do. Can't see what's going on behind me made me uncomfortable...
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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