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wct097 said:
I talked to the guys from AMP at the Fun Ford Weekend in Bristol. Seemed like nice guys. Didn't badmouth the guy at all, and were happy to talk about it. I think the 1320 guys are just ganging up on them, and the owner is probably just blowing things out of proportion.

I was kinda thinking the same thing. Every story has 2 sides.

We're only hearing the side of the "poor, depraved military man who serves his country and is just trying to spend his hard earned money" at the "evil company that's just out to screw over military servicemen."

The story might be completely different if we were hearing it from "the business that's been completely screwed over" by "the whiney bitch military kid who didn't like how some work was done and instead of taking it up with the owners posted it all over the internet."
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