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Metal Fuel Line Quick Release solution: 848-1198, Sport Classic and Streetfighter

Nick has been working with Corse Dynamics on a metal quick release solution for our bikes. They came up with a replacement billet fuel base that would replace the original fuel pump base with one that includes metal fuel connectors.

This would allow you to ditch the flimsy factory plastic fuel connectors that become brittle and fail - allowing it to leak onto onto your hot exhaust and engine. The billet fuel base uses a Viton fuel base pump O-ring, 4 metal fuel connectors ( 2 male/2 female).

This will fit original tanks as well as as the aftermarket aluminum tanks.

We can go into production in these if there is any interest.
Pre-production order price would be $199--that will include the new billet base, 4 metal quick disconnect fittings (2 male /2 female) that will screw into the new base and go on the existing line, Viton fuel pump O-ring and instructions.

Nick put it on the website so you can place pre-orders:

CORSE DYNAMICS Quick Release Fuel Pump Base: Ducati 848, 1098, 1198, Streetfighter, Sport Classic

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