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Melbourne Riders

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I just picked up my first bike 2007 gsxr600, looking for someone to ride with.
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I'm in Titusville, and I am alway down to go for a ride. Lets do this, anyone want to go for a ride This Monday Labor day?

Sounds good, in the mean time I will keep my tires warm.
Are you still looking to ride sometime? I was planning on heading up to Merritt island friday.
I was going to go last week, but I really do not like the way the scene sounds, from what I hear. I would still go to see for myself, but the whole going to a Hooters/parking lot will not be done to often. Plus I prefer to ride during the daytime, if it is possible. Yeah I'll go if thats what it takes to meet up, gotta start somewhere. :)

I'm definitely not all for the hooters bike night but it's a place to meet. I just moved down here from Chicago therefore, I have no clue where to ride.
If you are finding yourself looking for on ramps, welcome to the area. There are not good places to ride in our area. This is why I want to hookup with the guys over toward the west of us. The Ocala area has some nice roads and so fourth, I just have no clue where to head. But we could explore.

What are you doing now? I see you are on, want to meet up?

1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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