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Hi all you sport bike riders out there!

My name is Suzi and I just joined to say howdy from the snowy
but beautiful Los Padres Nat'l Forest in SoCal!

My bike is a 2008 Suzuki GSX650F which I nicknamed "Mr Tippy" due to his
nature of being top heavy, fat and wanting to fall over if his rider is going a
tad to slow for him. lol I also have a 2009 Suzuki Gladius whose nickname is GeeBee
(for Goofy Bike) This one is for sale at the moment.

I tried to put a pic in the avatar but it won't go in there for some reason (and yes I know it has to be teeny tiny).
I get no response at upload, no error message, nothing. It just sits there and does nada. I gave up after trying about 8 times.
So no soree!:eek:nfloor

Once again......a big HIYA from the mountains of Calif.!!

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Not sure if spammer... Can't be a real girl, this is the internet!
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