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Ripped from, talking about automatic ordering;

Val Ann C says:
This ain't nothing.
Picture it. Driving through an unfamiliar city, you speak into your hands-free cell phone: "Nearest McDonalds. Lunch for one."
The auto-dialer contacts the McDonalds call center. A computer answers and looks up your stored profile based on your cell phone number. It contacts your car's GPS panel and downloads directions to the nearest McDonalds. It places an order in queue for your preferred lunch, including the no pickles part. It pings your vehicle as you travel.
When you are 3 minutes from the McDonalds pick-up window, it instructs the on-site employees to fulfill your order. They are the first humans to be directly involved with your order. The call center computer bills your VISA.
As you approach the drive-up window, the call center computer authenticates you via GPS, with a back-up video of your license plate. You drive through at 5mph and grab your lunch bag from an extended tray. Bon appetit!
» by Val Ann C on Jul 20, 2004 at 04:08 PM
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