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Manual Cooling Switch

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I need help with how to wire up a manual switch for a cooling fan.
Has anyone done this, and if so where did you put the switch, what kind did you use, and can you provide a wire diagram? Verbal or small sketch?
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
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i have a manual fan switch on my TLR, i mounted the switch in the little control unit jiggy on the right clip on (did that make sense?) let me know if you want some pictures.

ok, here are some pics. here is where i mounted the switch, right below the kill switch. i had to open up the unit, cut a little hole, check the fit, cut a little b*****, check the fit, shave some more, check the fit a little more shaving, and then finish.

and this is where the wires go too. its a simple switch, with two wires, the switch closes the loop between the two wires. the wires coming out of the radiators temp sensor is what you need to splice into.

let me know if i can help you anymore.

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Ray got it. on my bike though, the fans aren't set to come on till about 225-230 degrees F, so by the time it reached that i would be hurting. this way i can switch the fans on if i'm stopped at a lite or something for too long. it doesn't stop the temp from going up to 220ish+, but it makes it go a lot slower when climbing up to those temps.

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yeah,i know, the teacher sent me an e-mail back, but you know that is the same day as the thermo test too.

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