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Recently I have gained a really gained an interest in working on customizing my bike (my interest lies in engine modification, bodywork, and suspension as well as generally learning sportbikes inside and out). Unfortunately, I love it too much to tear it apart and/or mess it up. So I have decided to ground up build a bike.

I have done a lot of searches for this, but can't seem to find good answers. Most things point me towards choppers or how to customize your existing bike. Even though they are similar, obviously they aren't the same (a Ferrari doesn't need EXACTLY what an astrovan needs). That being said I am hoping you guys might be able to help.

These are the main parts/systems I am aware of:

Main Frame
Cooling System
Electrical System (including Ignition, Lights, Etc.)
Gas Tank
Fluid Reservoirs (Oil, Coolant, Tranny, Brake)
Fluid Pumps (Oil, Gas)
Swing Arm
Rear Suspension
Steering Assembly (including Speedometer, Throttle, Etc.)
Levers, Pegs, Knobs, General Doodads
... and of course a nicely built engine with a lovely little forced induction system :)

The reason I am posting in the Help section instead of the Customize section is because I feel that though for me this is helping customize, I feel it will help others in the future who are hoping to get help fixing up bikes. If I placed it incorrectly I apologize. Any posts regarding the actual customization of the bike will be in that section.

Thanks again for the help

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That thing is ridiculous. Somewhat different type of customization than I was planning on doing, but definitely a thread I will be reading through during my build for sure. Thank you for the post... good stuff
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