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lsr and rdt come in 2nd place in the team competition at phyco fest !!!!


yeah *****es.

lsr and rdt & j.p. came in 2nd place in the team competiton this weekend @ phyco fest !

and we only lost 1st place by 1 point ..

and that first place went to what is proably the best team of skilled riders in the U.s.A.
kyle woods
vertical joe
and the guys from geard up .

we are all way too excited for words.

every one pulled off a great looking show.

props to rdt Dan ,Rob,Todd, B.j. @ friend Casper..then J.p.& girl, and our boyz from lsr myself, joe, v and d.j.

also we got to give some love to the people that came out and supported us.... our main man the mutha ****in D-unit My girl Angie & joes girl beth and joe baby devon (who kept us smiling the whole time we were there)

us 8 put on one hell of a show.

keep an eye out for further team competitons to come !

check out some of the pics on the lsr forums at this link.

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