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A while back my home burned down. I was able to replace the keys to every bike via key code except the damn yamaha. yamaha is the only marque that does not have a key code stamped on their bikes.

Locksmith wants $300 to come out to do the keys.

I already ordered a new title from the DMV for the locksmith to do it.

But I am cheap so I'm gonna order a replacement lockset on eBay for $50.

My question is, can I unlock the fork lock by simply removing the triple clamp and pulling the lockset? I do not want to break it but I need to move the bike from behind a friends house and after the headache of getting it to him I don't want to go through that shit again.

When I first moved it we put the front wheel on a dolly, then loaded it on a friends flat bed trailer.

My personal trailer is a trailer in a bag which uses a rail, so I cannot use it if the front wheel is locked.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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