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I found a 95 yzf 600r for 1100 bucks with 23K miles on it. I just went and took a look at it, and its in great shape, comes with a vance & hines pipes, tires are in good shape (plenty of tread no cracks/splits) and the plastics are painted flat black (meh) but arent cracked or scratched. The fork seals, spark plugs, and chain are also new.

I checked out 2nd gear during the test ride, doesnt seem to slip at all when i goose it so overall mechanically and visually the bike is in excellent shape.

My question now is, is there anything else i should have checked out on the bike? I think i hit all the major things but light was fading and i wanted to ride it so i did a hurried thorough check. Also, I am a short guy(5'5" with a piddly ass 29 inch inseam) how hard would it be to drop the bike an inch or 2 as its currently in tip toe territory.
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