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Looking for some info

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This applys to people who have kids in public schools.

My son lives in brevard county with his mom. He starts Kindegarten next year. Now last I check public school was free to go to. But waht about after-school day care, is there a charge for that? My ex won't provide me with any of the info that I need. I emailed the DOE headquarters but don't expect to hear from them or wait awhile.

Thanks for any help
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I can tell you that there will be a charge for whatever kind of aftercare she seeks. Up here some schools offer aftercare and there is a charge. If the school doesnt offer the aftercare there are other choices like private schools, daycares, karate/tae kwon doe etc. Some martial arts programs will pick the kids up from school & keep them until they are picked up by the parent.

Personally, my daughter just started 1st grade this year, she is picked up by her old daycare where she used to go. They charge $50.00 per week, just to give you an idea.
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