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I am looking to buy a used Aprilia RS 50.

I am looking for a bike with under 15000 miles and pay $1,500 or less. I would be interested in a bike that needs some work too.

Why a Aprilia RS 50?

I had too much fun with my license over the past few years and now there is no way I can afford a car or a larger bike, and pay the insurance. The RS 50 is a perfect bike for riding in a smaller city, and anything 50 cc or under does not require insurance in most states. The money that will be saved on gas will be a great benfit as well. De-restricted these bikes can reach 65 mph. After the engine is bored to 70cc and a new exhaust will add a little bit more. Aprilia is also a well known maufacuturer with a reputation of making great racing bikes. While the engine is only 50cc, this bike looks, brakes, and handles very much like its well respected b***** siblings.

2005 Aprilia RS 50
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