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Look what showed up at my door the other day.

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Hmm, pretty inconspicuous..


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.....very very sexy, what'd they run you if you don't mind.
that's sick. never seen CF wheels before :bowdown
i dont know anything about anything but that looks ridiculously awesome.
Wowwa, those are pretty hot. Please give us a report of how much difference they make. I'd love to make my Busa feel a bit more nimble, and I've wondered if those could be the ticket.
Depending on what they are replacing they are 1/2 to 2/3 lighter then stock usually.....they are real light.
Dude, those are fukn' sweet!

Be sure to post up how the "4 foam tire" setup handles on your bike. I've thought about the same mod but I may go with the pink foam instead of the white.

Those are badass. Can you weigh them please.
You mean you called in sick and waited at your door!

Pretty tasty, Bro! THose goin' on your '07 Gixr? You mounted your own skins, right? Post a pic after they're holdin' rubber and at least one pic when they're on the bike!
How the heck do you mount a tire on those without messing up the rim?
Same way you remove a skunk from a trap: Veerry carefully!
very sweet - looks like you haven't heard of the recession yet?

post pics with them installed, please.
Its not that hard. My mechanic mounted my PCed rims carefully and didnt damage them whatsoever.

Those are pretty sweet, and Im not even a fan of carbon fiber.

Im guessing they ran him around $2200. I saw a Ducati Monster with those last took me a few look-overs to realize what they were.
1 - 20 of 94 Posts
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