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I enjoy "sport touring" more than anything right now. All I need is a few days and take off to the mountains, all is good with the world. My problem is the my friends who I have taken rides with over the last 5 years live a couple of states away. I basically meet them at our destination. I haven't met many folks in Northern Indiana that have sport touring interests/bikes.

Are there any folks around Indiana that like to:
1. Ride to the mountains and play (traveling by truck or trailer is different but probably ok)
2. Ride responsible, doesn't mean slow, just within personal limits and respect your fellow rider
3. Like to wear a helmet and other gear all the time
4. If its raining, its understood to add a layer of caution, not necessarily stop and wait
5. Riding should be planned around daylight hours, when it gets dark hopefully your at your destination or extremely close

Ok, I'm finished rambling now... :)

Photo from WV trip = Spring 2012

Photo from KY trip 2010


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