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Well here in Hastings, there are a few guys that all the rest of us sport bikers know tear around in and around town (mostly in town). We try not to associate too much with them just because we don't want to start being seen hanging around them and somehow get their reputation put on us just by being see with them. We really try to keep a low profile in town, where these guys don't seem to care. I'm sure you guys know of this type of rider.

Anyway, the story goes that 3 of them were actually out riding on a back highway a ways out of town. The guy in front was doing about 75 in a 55 zone. His two buddies go buzzing by him, supposedly doing about 140 (although I'm sure these guys have exaggerated their speed a little). Right about that time they all go by a State Trooper parked just off the road. The trooper pulls out, flips on his cherries, and takes off after the guy (now in the back) doing the 75 in a 55. The trooper catches up to him and he pulls over. Now comes the good part!!! The two dumb asses that were ahead of their slower buddy see the trooper pull over their friend and THEY PULL OVER AS WELL. So instead of one guy getting a ticket, they ALL get tickets. Speeding tickets and Willful Reckless Driving tickets. A guy I work with knows these guys so I'm pretty sure this story is fairly accurate. My buddies and me have got a pretty good laugh at this one. They finally got busted, and pretty good too. I think the Willful Reckless Driving takes 6 points off their licenses.

Now, up in Grand Island, there was another guy from GI that was riding just outside of town. He was buzzing around pretty good and at some point passed a Trooper. The trooper tried to catch him, but the guy stayed in the gas and the trooper never even really got close to him. But apparently the trooper figured the guy would be heading back into GI, so he must have contacted the GI police, because there were a couple units sitting along the highway heading back into town. They stopped him with guns drawn and everything. Didn't sound like a very good situation.

Now the kicker to the situation above is that the guy had JUST gotten his license given back to him, Friday, after not having it for 3 YEARS. Looks like he's going to be loosing it again to say the least. OH YEAH, plus the bike he was on belonged to his buddy!!! He was just taking it out and riding around on it. It wasn't even his own bike.

It's a good thing the cops are busting these guys. I've been about ready to beat someone's ass. These guys do nothing but draw more police attention to us bikers that ride conservatively (most of the time). :D

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What goes around eventually comes around...sounds like these guys got what they deserve :surprised By the way you say they ride I'd say they are lucky the po-po's got em before the grim reaper :devil
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