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I wanted to be able to carry flat repair items with me all the time. I take trips on the bike, (multi-day, multi-state), but for day to day riding it's nice to have this covered too, should a flat occur. I've repaired a lot of punctures over the years with sticky strings and it's only a 10 minute job most of the time.

I have a very small compressor from AntiGravity that works well. (Christmas upgrade from a larger Slime pump.) It's pretty reasonably priced at $25. It measures 4.6"x3.5"x1.5" and fits nicely in the MTM Case-Guard 'Surviver Dry Box'™ that I found at one of my local farm supply stores in the firearms area. It's got an O-Ring seal and is labeled "water-resistant", but also says "do not submerge", so it really should be fine for where I'm going to use it. At $10.49, I'll take the chance. I also looked at a genuine Pelican 1120, but for $30 I just couldn't pull the tr*****. Its way thicker and beefier, but also physically larger, another inch thicker and heavier.

Where I am mounting this is on the OEM rear mudflap under the license plate. I'm adding a couple more holes so the box is mounted with 4 bolts, and the plate is
mounted to the lid with four bolts as well. All stainless fasteners and nylock nuts. In theory, if someone were to attempt to remove it the bolt will turn once the nut
loosens and prevent further disassembly. Of course, it's a plastic box, so if they have time and want it, they can just destroy the box. Hopefully it will low key enough
that most casual observers won't notice it.

The MTM box. They sell them in orange and green. I would have preferred black, but if that's an option, it wasn't stocked. I may paint it if it really bugs me.

The stuff I want to carry in it. Mini Compressor, power cord for it, T-handle tubeless tire repair kit with reamer, insertion tool, sticky strings and glue.
I've got a little extra room and will likely use a piece of foam to keep things in place.

Holes drilled in the mud flap. Note that I removed the metal license plate bracket to get the box close to the flap.

Holes drilled in the back of the box. (I got one off from where I wanted it, but it lines up. Symmetry is over rated. :rolleyes:

Holes in the lid for the plate. I guess in a real crisis, I could remove the box and my plate and I'd have an emergency compass. If that happens, it's probably
zombie apocalypse time. ?‍♂

What I want it to look like with the plate on.

I'm also installing a panel mount SAE connector on the bike that will be fused and hot all the time. 15 amp fuse in a waterproof holder. This will be power for the battery
tender and also for use with the compressor. My bikes live on an Optimate 3 battery maintenance unit when not being ridden. For this reason I cut the end off the
power cord for the compressor and installed an SAE plug. They sell one, but I didn't feel I'd ever use the cig connector, so just used that cord instead of buying a
second cord. Any SAE to SAE cord will work.

At this point I just need to get some fasteners and I can bolt the box and plate in place. Just got my new plate today, so put the sticker on and will do the panel mount SAE
connector in another Mod thread. I will post some pics of the finished and mounted box tomorrow.

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Project complete. Here is the mounted box with my flat repair kit inside.

The main body has the compressor, some emergency valve stems and the power cord for the compressor, now an SAE to SAE cord.

I've used a couple pieces of foam to keep things in place and hopefully prevent the compressor from getting beat up from vibration. Zip lock bags, just in case.

The lid side has the sticky string kit.

Outside of the closed case with plate and plate backer mounted. S/S hardware throughout.

All locked up to keep the honest people honest.
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