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This is a wild card tag game. Basic rules are:

You must ride to tag
Bike must be in photo
No file photo's (go for a new ride to get the tag pics)
You can use a tag that ends in the same letter, but it's not preferred.
You can use any word in the pic, or any concept or thing in the pic, you just have to state what it is.
You can use signs, things, concepts, etc. Like using a pic of a yellow street sign for a Y, which would move the tag to W. Or a night picture for Dark or Night. This is pretty wide open.
Hey, it's a game..the less rules the better.

When you put up your new tag you must tell us exactly what you got. Then the new tag needs to be something that starts with the last letter of the previous tag. Only one pic is necessary, but you can post more if getting the bike in the pic makes your grab hard to see. Example; one pic with the bike in it, then a second close up of the sign or thing you're using.

Search for the last photo posted to find the current tag.

I'll start it off.

HooD So now you need to find something starting with an D. Go for a ride and take a picture. If you're snow bound, garage tags are acceptable, but we better see snow too. ;)
1 - 20 of 70 Posts