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I really think it was all publicity anyway. Not even money.
Here's a chick that has a fixation with attention on her. She's tried to get on TV. She's tried to off herself a few times. She's apparently sleeping around quite a bit (which is why she's thinking about dropping the suit) Now she saw an oppurtunity to claim to have slept with a really famous guy.

All that tells this armchair attorney that she's desperate for attention. Sleeping with a famous guy only works if you can prove it- and the easiest way to do that is cry rape.

Sounds like Kobe managed to hook up with one of those psycho/stalker types. My wife knew a girl in HS much the same as this. She cried rape after supposedly being raped by a kid at lunch in school. But before the day was ovr she was writing notes to all her friends claiming it (as opposed to you know, going to the cops) and my wife had seen her right after school and she was giggling and laughing.
It was when the story got around to officials that she was confronted with it and basically HAD to say it was true to save her a$$.
So HS kid gets hauled in. His life torn up pretty good before she recants and says it was consensual.
It's not like this isn't kind of common for celebs. People want a piece of fame for themselves, even if it's INfamy they get. Even if it's just trying to steal some fame from a celeb. Look at Lewinsky.
For some folks, 15 minutes in the spotlight for something bad is better than no 15 minutes at all.
I'm sure the fact that the lawyers invoked the rape-shield laws to hide her identity came as a shock to the girl. Sounds like she was looking to get her face on TV and it backfired.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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