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I was down by red wing. I ran welch road around noon and there were already
a couple groups of sportbikes there. Some R6s and Hondas. I got behind a
yellow 250Ninja that just frikken screaming thru the tighter section south
of the ski area. I saw one of those new Buehls x9b or x12b comming the other way. He was haulin ass too. Those sound cool when there haulin ass.
Some bicyclist or whatever must have got on the cphone to the popo
because after a couple runs a squad showed up by the ski area and he would
n't leave.
Headed to Red wing and met a friend and we rode 5 and 3 and part of 2
by frontenac and lake city. 2 was unpaved for 1/8 mile. No popo in that
A couple hours later we went back to welch road, saw a bunch of sportbikes
and just bsed with dudes in the church lot. Great day for riding. Hope
everybody got out on some good roads.
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