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I have been shopping for a new lid that is not green so I don't clash with the R6. I had a KBC Racer-1 which I liked. I have also used a Scorpion Exo-700 for a month which I liked a little better than the Racer-1, and have worn a Shoei TZ-R.

I was seriously considering buying an Exo-700 when I went and tried on the new KBC VR2. Its shell was smaller than my Racer-1, more similar in size to the TZ-R. It was also very light. I grabbed a TZ-R from from the shelf and held them side by side. The VR2 felt a tad lighter to both myself and my friend(who owns the Shoei and the Scorpion). I threw it on. The weight and and comfort felt very good, so I ordered one from Helmet shop yesterday. It will arrive today. I will post a full review after I ride with it this weekend.

I ordered it in the Matte Black in the second pic. I thought the Repsol one was cool, but would clash just as bad as my Kawi green lid.


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