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Just wondering, a 2007 ZZR600.

If there was something wrong with K TRIC/ Throttle Position Sensor, how would it affect my idle? (or would it)

Let's say it was completely jacked up,....what issues would it cause?

My idle is really rough and I have had 3 Kawasaki techs look at it and I have been all through these carbs with no solution. They are in sync.

Idle is rough below 3,000 but she pulls smooth and real hard above 3k. Problem exists below 3K only. In fact,..there is a 2k "hole" that will sometimes stall the engine. It happens sometimes but only at about 2k to 2.3k. at that exact spot, it bogs out and dies. (sometimes)

Plugs are brand new and gapped to spec. Carbs are VERY clean all the way through. Vacume hoses are clear. Air cleaner is spotless. Has been doing this for 3 months with various brand 93 octane gas. Fluel filer is new too.

Needles were recently shimmed,...long after problem occured. (shimming was awesome)


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