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Ok, I ordered some armor from several people. I got some armor from TPro which offerers the best soft armor, at 20mm thick it is alot thicker than what would be used for body armor, some foam armor from Bohn, and some hard GP style armor from Vanson. I have heard that hard armor is the worst, as it just transmits the force straight through, but it seems pretty damn good to me as it distributes the blow so much.

In my crapy hands on test the Bohn foam was the worst, doing almost nothing, it seems to have the right idea though, a soft foam with some sort of harder covering material, it just didnt work and with more pressure it seemed to just do worse. Next was the TPro, I had really high hopes for this but was sort of disappointed, it did pretty well, but not quite as well as I expected. The Vanson was awesome however, I could hit it pretty much as hard as I wanted and it did an awesome job of distributing the blow while absorbing little.

Next, I went out to preform something a little more measurable. I bought a few 4" foam craft balls. They seemed about the same size and shape as my skinny ass shoulders and elbows. I am not sure exactly what they are called, but what I used for the blow was the part of a jack stand that you can pull up, and out of, the base, it was heavy and seemed to be perfect. I held it up to my nose, 5'5" or so, and let go with the foam balls under the armor. First I did it without any armor, it smashed a huge area out of the ball, if it was your elbow you would be screwed basically. Next was the Vanson, it did very well. The top part of the foam was near perfect, while the bottom was flattened, so it distributed the force quite well, but not much was absorbed it seemed. Next was the Bohn foam, it did very poor, it did almost nothing to distribute the force or absorb it. Lastly was the TPro, I had really high expectations for this again, but was again let down somewhat. It did about the same as the vanson, I expected a bit better. Lastly, I did a test between the Vanson and the TPro that wasn't even close to being regulated, I just threw the peice of metal as hard as I could onto both. The Vanson dominated the TPro.

Now, I even went as far as to do a test with hitting the Vanson with an axe, it did much better than I expected. Now, none of this is even remotely scientific but it worked for me, Hard armor is the way to go, I don't give a damn what Cambridge says, I hit the vanson with a freakin axe and it didn't cut through or break, I really don't see how Vansons type of plastic could shatter and hurt you. Now, For my next trick I will be combining the Vanson and some TPro body armor. This should provide the best armor available, it will distribute the blow evenly and then the Foam will absorb it. I also understand that the foam is harder than I thought, so perhaps it works better with more force. Like I said, nothing scientific but something I thought you would all like to hear.
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