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Handle: PCH Breeze

Age: old

Bikes owned: Ninja 250, Ninja 500, Ninja 650r, Ninja zx14, FZ6, R1, S1000RR (unfortunately, not in that order)

Squidly stuff: Never started riding regularly or owned my own until I moved to Southern California. I was a t-shirt/jeans type for years, until by pure luck, the first two times I needed gear, by pure luck, I had a jacket on.

Licensing/training/experience: MSF (great instructors) and a few track days. Does scuttlebutt around bike events count? :loller I ride to work almost every day and love weekend trips out of town.

Mechanical experience: HVAC/R technician and various forms of technical positions in the HVAC/R trade (adviser, engineer, consultant, ect). A lot of the things I learned are transferable to the motorcycle technical and mechanical work. Because its more scientific and technical, I tend to over think mechanical issues. :cookie

Gear: Yes

As I get older, more track days, less canyons

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Name: Casey

Age: 18

Bikes owned: 95 Ninja 500

Squidly stuff: I went out on streets before doing MSF, sometimes I get the urge to crack the throttle, I used to hate wearing riding boots because my foot wouldn't really fit under the shifter, and if it was stupid hot and I wasn't using highways I'd ride without a jacket. I've come to realize the errors of my ways though. Except the crack the throttle part.

Licensing/training/experience: 6k miles so far. Self taught myself in the neighborhood then on a 5 mile loop around my subdivision (light traffic, not many intersections. Just to practice turning at 35-40 mph) Then did MSF and started riding everywhere.

-Jackets: Castle textile with removable liner (favorite), older Joe Rocket Leather
-Pants: Alpinestars leather pants (favorite), Icon textile pants
-Gloves: Alpinestars with knuckle guards (favorite), leather Castle
-Helmet: Fulmer Maelstrom (same as AGV K4)
-Shoes: I have Alpinestars boots but I don't like them at all. I wear work boots or basketball shoes. I plan to get a pair of actual riding shoes I like better.

Gender: Male

Mechanical: The most intensive thing I've done yet is adjust valve clearance. Which wasn't hard, just took a long time. I've read through lots of "How To" guides and have a pretty good idea of how most everything works in an engine.

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I am an old man, 38 years old and I have been riding motorcycles since I was five years old. I started riding street bikes around the age of 25. I started on a Shadow 600, followed by a Shadow 1100 and then a Road Star Warrior 1700. Even with this experience when I switched to sport bikes I started on a ZZR600 before upgrading to a ZX6R followed by a Ninja 1400 and then an MV Agusta F4 1000R.

I had some pretty bad knee issues which resulted in me taking a couple of years off the bike. When I started riding again I purchased a used R6S to test my knees out, I decided that I had no need for another liter bike so when I decided my knees could handle it I went for a 2013 ZX6R and I could not be happier.

I have been very, very lucky and have never laid a bike down. This is not because I don't push the bike. I can only thank experience, luck, and God for this.

At this time I have yet to do a track day. Planning on starting that new addiction next year.

Gear, Aeromoto leathers for now, upgrading soon. Sidi boots and Shoei helmet. Also some other odds and ends laying around.

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Name : Jeff
Age : 47

Bikes owned
Street : 1st ever bike yamaha fs1e, suzuki ap50, yamaha dt125, vespapx125,lambretta gp150, vespa px250 , honda cb500, honda cx500 custom, honda cbr1000fl,suzuki tl1000r(loved it) yamaha r1 2001, 2x zx7r, honda cbr1000rr 05, gsxr1000 k8, yamaha r1 2010, and the bike i have now is a yamaha r1 2013

race: yamaha r6, yamaha r1 2006(very trick) , gsxr750, honda cbr1000rr05.

squidly stuff: Busted doing over 150 mph(police didnt bring video evidence to court so got off lightly with 6 points a slapped wrist and £800 fine)
Busted wheelying through lewisham high street, was made to sit a correctional course at my expense instead of court.

licensing/training: Advanced rider, national race license, wheelie school , ron haslem race school.

Riding experiance: 8years old to 16 years old school boy moto cross
16 up till now road riding
39y to 45 y club racing
tracks riden/raced:uk: brands hatch, silverstone , cadwell park, mallery,oulton park, snetterton,anglesea,pembury,croft,lidden hill,
:france: folembry, val due vien,paul rickard,magny cours,
:spain: almeria,albecette,guadix,jeref,valencia,catalunia.

Crashes: lucky for me only crashes have been track and race related and not on the road

best biking moment: 3 laps of the tt on a cbr 1000rr.
worst biking moment: having my 2010 r1 stolen from my garage.

miles on 2 wheels, lots and lots and some more.

Dream bike: i think what i have ticks all the boxes.

leathers bks
helmets shark rsf , dutchinni carbon, arie corsa,
boots alpinestar
gloves knox
back protector knox

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Great thread by the way..


Age 40

Bikes owned:
Z 50 age 6
XLR 250 street trail brand new got license on
NS 400R two stroke
650 Nighthawk
750 Interceptor
1985 Gsxr 750 current
2008 Gsxr 750 bought new current
A bunch of xl 80-185 dirt bikes a few 4 wheeler

Squidy things:Riding in jeans and T shirt for most of my teenage years and biggest squid move wheeling and crashing a xl 185 that i was test riding..Ended up having to buy it when i returned with it trashed and me bloody..

Training: No real training just 25 years of experience under my belt and proud to say never been down on the street..

Gear Icon helmet,alpine star gloves,riding pants,auto mag leather jacket a few other non leather jackets and Icon boots..

Advice: Ride to enjoy not to destroy..
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