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Judge the quality of advice - Rider resumes

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Please enter your riding resume in a post in this thread. I'll start:

Handle: RayOSV (Ray)

Age: old (with kids older than a lot of you, son with a Suzuki DL-650)

Bikes owned: early 80's moped during gas crisis , '00 sv650, '05 sv1000s

Squidly stuff: learned on a Honda 55 using my older cousin's permit at age 14, HS friend's Honda 250 Scrambler mainly used to "tow" a skateboard on the street (record was 42 mph with no helmet, no shoes, and shorts/t-shirts, no accidents), some track use of a Yamaha 350 2 stroke, some use of a late 60's BSA 650 (college roommate's). All of this was before M licensing and helmet laws.

Licensing/training/experience: private msf-like instruction from an ex-military instructor, current DL with M1 endorsement. 2 track days, over 80k street miles since '00, 2 0-mph drops, one low-speed high-side with minimal damage.

Gear: Zooni 2 piece perfed leather suit, Shoei X-12 helmet, Alpinestars SMX-Plus boots, Helimot gauntlet gloves, various textile and mesh jackets and pants for really hot days.

I don't leave the driveway without proper riding gear.
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Username: Look to the left
Age: See above

Past scoots:

'85 Yamaha Badger (80cc four-wheeler)
'88 Yamaha 200cc four-wheeler
'94 Honda 250 Nighthawk
'96 Honda CBR600F3
'02 Suzuki GS500 (stolen the night I bought it :badmood)
'07 Honda Spirit 750 C2 (current whip)

Training: MSF BRC & ERC, '98 - '02 (req'd to have at least a one-day refresher course per year per base commanders' orders during my AF days :rolleyes), was going to get MSF Instructor Certification, but lost interest.

Qualifications: Street licensed in the following states for the "M" endorsement: Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Kansas. I know, I'm a nomad.

Experience: Started on the aforementioned '85 Yammy Badger when I was but 6 years old. From there, I progressed quite rapidly through various and sundry dirtbikes (mostly Yam's but a couple of fire-breathing Kawi's thrown in here and there), four-wheelers, and the odd go-kart. Raced 125's on dirt as well as four-wheelers (again, of the 125cc variety, oddly). I've probably logged somewhere around 100,000 miles on the street throughout my life and at least 2,000 hours off-roadin'.

Gear: AFX FX-90 helmet (flat black with silver/gray tribal-y artwork), mirrored, smoke, and clear shields. Icon armored gloves, S&S armored jacket (again, sticking with the matte-black theme), Blackhawk black backpack, classic harness boots, jeans.

Miraculously, I've never been in an accident or even a fender-bender. I've had more than my fair share of close calls and pants-shitting moments of terror, but all in all I've been quite lucky. Only dropped one bike: the '94 Nighthawk while trying to bump-start it.
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Handle: Kawi Kop

Age: 34

Bikes owned: '77 Honda Express (scooter), '78 Honda Express (scooter), '78 Yamaha GT80, 1991 Honda XR100, 1990 Yamaha TW 200, 1992 Kawasaki KX125, 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 650r

Squidly stuff: Grew up learning to ride on the scooters, starting at age 9. Used them both on the street and dirt :). Moved into dirt bikes, then racing Enduros and Motocross. Too many squidly moments to even begin to share!

Licensing/training/experience: Raced the Black Jack Enduro Circuit in the '90's and ran Motocross in Billings, MO- my last season in Expert class 125's (1993). After that got too $$$ I had to quit, focus on life for a bit. Back on two wheels now, on my Ninja 650r, average about 1400 miles a month. Commuter-bike and fun machine in one! "M" endorsement here in MO.

Gear: Rocking a Bell Star, and the rest depends on the weather. Today I've been wearing Scorpion Leather perf jacket, AGV Textile pants, Teknik Gloves, and Vega short-boots.
name: Call me Tanny.


motorcycles owned:
cbr250rr 1998
gsx750r k7

rider resume:
Well,i am a pretty short guy.First motorcycle experince was a pocket bike when i was around 6.Rode it till 13,then got a scooter for commuting but rode it like hell.Till then i was a huge motorcycle riding geek .But then, i turned 17 got a fazer150 for commuting,accompanied some racers at the tracks,did a track day.I was quite fast for a rookie ,because i used to already ride hard on streets.I wanted to start racing but dad and family refused to support,so started earning and saving for my passion.At 21 i started racing after getting a cbr250rr.Racing for making a good profession in it.

Nowdays me and my brother,who is 28 currently are racing,he races gsx750r at nationals.
I race r15,moded category group 'd' at state levels recently won a state championship and looking forward to move to nationals in group 'a' 1000cc category in chennai in expert class.But before that i would have to have a good 1000cc experience.But then i will probably be leaving India for racing further.

If not on tracks then i would probably with my dog or with my cbr,just kinda fun to see how the machinary works.Still living with a dream to race at world superbike level.....may be i never make it though.
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Started out on a budgie tricycle with a box on the back for carrying stuff ...many bikes came and went ....Now got a KTM garage queen and a Honda for the commute.
Handle: OreoGaborio
Born: Dec 9 1979
Began riding on the street: Early 2001
Began riding on the track: Late 2004
Miles ridden on the street: ~50k. Probably 75-100k combined, street & track.
Bikes owned: '00 Kawi ZX6R (street/track days), '89 Kawi EX500 (race), '02 Kawi KX250 (dirty monster)
Bikes currently own: 2003 Aprilia Tuono (street/track days), '06 SV650 (race/track days), 2001 KTM 400exc (street/woods)

Formal Training:
- Countless track days from 2004 to present
- Cornerspeed Level 1 Race School, Spring 2006
- Licensed CCS and LRRS Road Racer, Spring 2006
- Trained Instructor, Control Rider and Cornerworker for Tony's Track Days since Summer 2006
- Expert LRRS/CCS road racer, Spring of 2009
- Trained MSF RiderCoach, Spring of 2009

General experience:
2001 - Completed MSF BRC. Licensed in MA

2004 - Purchased a bike in May. Began riding more seriously after attending my first two track days in Loudon, NH with Tony's Track Days

2005 - Started averaging 10 or more track days per year with Tony's Track Days

2006 - Completed the Cornerspeed Level 1 race school, earned my CCS race license, formed Cheap Bastid Racing and began competing in the Loudon Road Racing Series
Bumped from Novice to Amateur status after 10 races
Began working as a Guest Instructor for Tony's Track Days

2007 - Appointed as a perminent Track Day Instructor for Tony's Track Days.

2008 - After a successful race season as an Amateur, became an Expert road racer with the Loudon Road Racing Series and Championship Cup Series.

2009 - Signed on with ECK Racing, became an MSF RiderCoach and began coaching the Massachusetts MSF BRC through Ironstone Ventures.

2010 - Named Assistant Chief Instructor for Tony's Track Days.
Finished 4th overall in LRRS Expert LWSS
Finished 3rd overall in LRRS Expert LWSB
Finished 2nd overall in LRRS Expert LWGP
Finished 2nd overall in LRRS Expert Pirelli Diablo 600 Challenge

2011 - Made "manager" of ECK Racing.
One of four instructors chosen to be trained by long time motoryclist, published author and Tony's Track Days Chief Instructor Ken Condon for his Personalized Instruction Program.
Finished 2nd overall in LRRS Expert LWSS
Finished 3rd overall in LRRS Expert LWSB
Finished 3rd overall in LRRS Expert LWGP
Finished 3rd overall in LRRS Expert GTL

Squidly stuff: I ride a Tuono, a race bike & a dirt bike... need I say more? :D

Gear: Too much to list... and I still don't have enough :p
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Handle: TCormier (Travis, or TC for the local boards)

Age: 21

Bikes owned: 2000 CBR600F4, 2009 Yamaha FZ6, 2002 Ninja 250, 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6R/636

Squidly stuff: started on a 600, I was a special snowflake I thought. Luckily it went well and my riding has had proper instruction to go in the right direction. I enjoy wheelies (even though I suck at them). Typically ride street with just Jeans, Tennis Shoes, Helmet, Gloves, and Jacket.

October 2010 - MSF BRC
July 2011 - First Track Day, Novice Level
October 2011 - First Track Day, Intermediate Level
March 2013 - First Track Day, Advanced group
April 2013 - Race Licensing... tentatively :)
Total: 30+
1.5 years experience, but I'm really slow on the street.

Gear: Yeah, always changing, I've had a lot.
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The age of Steingar is no one's concern. Old enough to know better. Steingar could not remember all the bikes he has ridden, nor could he easily count up the miles, as they touch both US coasts and a fair number of international borders. Steingar attended one motorcycle safety course compliments of the California Highway Patrol, his squidly antics put him there. Steingar wears a Snell rated full face helmet, an armored jacket made of leather or Cordura fabric, full-length pants and closed shoes at minimum. Steingar reads no book that he can't color afterwards.

This talking about yourself in the third person is kinda fun. I can see why Joe Biden likes it. Then again, being indulged by the current occupant of Number One Observatory Circle does not exactly recommend an activity.
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Handle: Tony216 (Tony is my first name, 216 is my number and my anniversary)

Age: I'll be 40 the day before the Mayan's think the world is going to end.

Bikes owned: currently, Buell Firebolt, HD FXD, Aprilia SR50, Speed Triple. Past: DRZsm, Husky 510, 636, R6, SV650, two FZR400's, F2, Monster S4R, GSXR750 and 1000, and a few more I can't think of.

Squidly stuff: I used to street ride my GT80 when I was a little kid. I used to like to do stoppies. My rear brakes are often used to skid my back tire. I don't do the ATGATT thing. I always wear helmet and real shoes though. I rode on permits for awhile. My first streetbike was a KZ750 (add that to the bikes I've owned). Theres lots more, I did a lot of squidly things. Hell, still do. I'm not a safety nazi.

Licensing/training/experience: I've had an M endorsement since 1995. MSF basic course, Penguin RR school, TPM race school and one of their older training schools. Lots of track days. Been roadracing for a few years and actually started to make an effort towards doing it right a couple of years ago (got a couple of Novice wins in 2010 at Loudon and a few trophies at Summit Point this year). I've done American Supercamp quite a few times, including the Pro School.

Gear: Vanson race suit, three Arai Corsairs, two different sets of Held gloves, Oxtars (something), Sidi Vortice Air, Dainese back protector, mouth piece, ear plugs and dirt gear.
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Handle: Misfire (Chad)

Age: 36

Bikes owned: Indian (1), Honda (2), Suzuki (several), Husky(1), Yamaha (1)

Squidly stuff: occasional wheelie, stoppie, jumping the railroad tracks, etc..

Licensing/training/experience: Been riding street since 94 and track since 2006. I do approx. 15 track days a year.

Gear: Mesh, leather, plastic, etc..

I don't leave the driveway without proper riding gear.
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Username: RoadTrip
Handle: BIGGByran (Bryan)

Age: 27

Current Bike(s): 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 650R

Retired Bike(s): None

Squidly Stuff: Every time I ride. Always in full gear(Helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, boots), riding to work and back, training with my friend trying to encourage her to ride with me so we can practice (safer cause should anything happen, we can help each other out), going 5 mph over the speed limit or trying to keep up with traffic (going 15+mph). If I remember right, one of the qualifications of a squid is one who can't corner but can accelerate fast, therefor I am. I can't practice cornering because its not safe to do it in the streets, so I will forever be a squid until I can find a safe place to practice it.

Licensing/Training/Experience: M Endorsement, Local Motorcycle Safety course by the Motorcycle Police Department, 310miles (total on all bikes) and counting.

My Gear:
Helmet - Scorpion Exo 400 Tsunami
Jacket - Xelement Tri-Tex Fabric Level-3 Armored (All season) and Shift Air Avenger (Summer Jacket, I think thats the correct name, they don't seem to make it anymore or I can't find it)
Pants - Vulcan NF-7009 (Winter) and Tour Master Venture Air (All Season, Just got them and LOVE THEM, so much more comfortable!!)
Gloves - Shift (Summer, Can't find them on a site, guess they don't make them anymore) and Xelement Basic & Waterproof Padded / Insulated Leather Gloves (Winter/Rain)
Boots - Brahma Work boots, leather, steeltoed, slip resistant, water proof.

Future Gear:
Helmet - Scorpion Exo 500
Jacket - Another all weather jacket (researching)
Gloves - Winter/Rain gloves (researching)
Boots - Better motorcycle boots that are comfortable walking on them (researching)
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Handle: GizzyZZR6 (A.J.)

Age: 19

Bikes owned: 2007 KAWI ZZR6

Squidly stuff: still have my first bike, have put about 5k miles on it so far.

Licensing/training/experience: MSF basic riders course

Gear: Alpine star leather jacket, Icon CE back protector, BILT leather gloves with carbon fiber knuckles, shift riding shoes, Scorpion EXO-1000 helmet, hoping to purchase leather overpants soon.
Handle: GoIllini (Mark)

Age: 27

Current Bike(s): 2006 Triumph Daytona

Retired Bike(s): 2005 Ninja 250, 2005 CBR 600 F4I (Stolen; insured)

Squidly stuff: Sometimes hit {undisclosed speeds} in light traffic after backtracking to ensure no police or obstacles. Extremely rare wheelies may have been seen. (Hey, it's New Jersey; you can do 100 down the road and people will still be passing you.)

Licensing/Training/Experience: BRC. M endorsement now in three different states. Five years riding experience, including four in Manhattan traffic. ~10k miles, many of them at 10-15 mph. A few track days.

Gear: Dainese Steel 1 pc race suit, Sidi Vortice boots, Shoei X-12 Helmet, Alpinestars GP-Tech race gloves. I will substitute hiking shoes, jeans, and a north face fleece for short trips that require me to show up in civilian clothing (EG: riding to class), but otherwise wear full race gear.

If you ever want to ride to work in full gear and show up in business formal, hit me up; it can be done.
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Handle: DemonDuck

Age: 35

Bikes owned: Street bikes... 82 Honda CB750K, 08 ZX14, 12 S1000RR

Licensing/training/experience: MSF Basic, advanced, and sportbike. I have about 30k miles on the CB750k, 60K miles when I sold the ZX14, and 6k miles on the S1000RR. So close to 100k street miles. I have done about 8 track days and still ride level 2 at the track for now. I have been to the dragstrip a dozen or more times. I have had one 0-1 mph laydown.

Track Gear: 2 piece leathers, boots, gloves, X-11.
Street Gear: Jacket (one of 4), overpants (when its cold), boots, gloves, Helmet (one of 6 but usually the X-11).
Handle: gsJack

Age: 80

Bikes owned: In order, 81 CB400T, 82 CB750K, 81 CM400A, 85 CB650SC, 97 GS500E, 02 GS500

Squidly stuff: Nothing much worth mentioning, didn't start riding until 52 yo.

Licensing/training/experience: Got M endorsement when I started riding by taking state test, haven't got around to taking the MSF yet. Been riding for 28 years and have over 400,000 street miles so far. A few drops, only one accident when a kid in a S-10 hit my rear as I turned off highway onto side road about 10 years ago.

Gear: Started with an open face helmet, leather jacket, jeans, and boots for many years but got a RF1000 helmet and some armored riding jackets when we started taking rides to the Smoky Mtns back in 01 to play, still wearing jeans though.
Handle: MegaManX (Lane)

Age: 30

Bikes owned: '97 Ducati 916 Biposto, '12 Kawi Ninja 250R. Previous: CBR 600 F4i

Squidly stuff: used to run a mid-'80s Ninja 900 down every interstate in the DC area with only a helmet on. Well, a helmet and jeans and a t-shirt. I wasn't naked. Amazing I survived to finish college.

Licensing/training/experience: licensed at 18, MSF basic + sportbike, Superbike School in Las Vegas in 2012. 12 years riding with a few years off in the middle.

Gear: Shoei RF-1100, AGV Rossi "WTF!?" helmets; Dainese jacket, Dainese 2-piece suit, A* SMX-1 and SMX Plus boots, various A* gloves depending on weather.
Name: Ron
Age: 40
Years of riding: 35
Years of riding street: 23 (off and on)
Bikes owned: '94 Katana, '00 Hayabusa, '02 GSXR 1000, '02 R6, '08 1098S, WR250F... etc.
Crashes: 3 (2 major, 1 severe)
Track Exp: Yes
KneeDragger: Yes
Chicken Strips: No
Gear: Arai RX-7, Sidi Vortice, A-Stars GP Pro's, Dianese 1pc, Joe Rocket Textile, Icon Textile Pant, etc.
Willing to provide photos/x-rays/advice: Yes

Lives by: I paid the price of admission... I'm going to stay and watch the fucking movie!!!
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Newbie Rider Resume


Age: 27

Occupation: U.S. Navy active duty stationed in Jacksonville, FL - soon to be Norfolk, VA

Motorcycle owned: 2009 Yamaha FZ6 (first bike). I chose this particular model because it is so well-rounded (other models considered: Suzuki SV650, Ducati Monster 696, Kawasaki Versys, Kawasaki KLR650). It does many things well. I'm hoping to have a nice collection of bikes someday. Being from Milwaukee, WI originally, it was hard to overcome the "have to have a Harley" mentality.

Riding experience: Limited riding on friends' dirtbikes/4-wheelers/snowmobiles in years past. I just bought my first bike recently and have been riding it every moment of my spare time. I put about 600 miles on the bike the first week I had it.

Safety accreditation: MSF Basic Rider Course; taking MSF sport bike course on 17Apr2013; Florida D/L motorcycle endorsement.

Safety gear: Joe Rocket textile jacket; A-Star gloves; Icon full-face helmet, Red Wing Iron Ranger boots. Currently saving up to get a Shoei (or other Snell-approved) helmet, second riding jacket, motorcycle-specific boots, and pants. I don't get on the road without my gear.

Squidly stuff: none so far. I'm fortunate in that I waited to buy a motorcycle until I was old enough to be mature about it and respect the bike. It's a blessing in disguise that my parent's forbade me from having a motorcycle in my younger years.

Miscellaneous: I absolutely love riding. I can't get enough of it. I try to adopt a "ride defensively always, aggresively when you have to" attitude; know your limits. I drill myself on the BRC skills often to try and make them muscle memory. Somebody else in the thread said it best - ride as if every other car on the rode was trying to kill you. Great advice.
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Handle: Katrider29 (Jeff)

Age: 31

Motorcycle(s) owned: 2002 Suzuki Katana 600

Experience: Two years street riding- 20,000 miles. Completed basic MSF course.

Squidly stuff: Began riding with only a helmet as protection. After a few hundred miles and a lot of reading on this site, I purchased full gear. Got a ticket for "failure to maintain proper lane position while on a highway with clearly designated lanes." (lane splitting) Received several well deserved verbal lashings from home-owners for tripling the speed limit in residential neighborhoods. Embarrassed some kid in a GT 500 Mustang on the highway.

Gear: Ancient Fulmer helmet, Tourmaster textile riding jacket, Suzuki textile riding jacket, Fly textile mesh riding jacket, Fly textile riding pants, mesh dirtbike stlye riding pants, Fly lined heavy gloves, Fly mesh light gloves. Alpinestar SMX-2 short riding boots. I wear a full face helmet, jacket, riding pants, gloves and boots every time I ride, no exceptions.
Name: John

Age: 43

Bike: 2004 Triumph Daytona 600 (awesome bike, but hard to find certain parts)

First Started: approx. 4 weeks ago. No kidding.

Training: Here's the fun stuff... (this is where most people either don't believe me, laugh at me, or tell me i'm an idiot). I get on youtube and search "how to ride a motorcycle." I kid you not. And i found this guy, 13mordeth and this video:
This is how I learned to ride. I took my bike out into the street, never got out of first gear and I would just let the clutch out. I'd start moving, and then I'd hit the brakes. I'd do this over & over until I got used to it. Then i worked on U-turns...still in first gear...still in the street in front of my house. I had my neighbors laughing at me and joking that they would call 911 when I crashed, and I'll admit, I felt sorta goofy, but that was just 4 weeks ago and now I've got two neighbors that are wanting to get bikes!

Squidly Stuff: I'm a newb, so i've got lots of problems. I've finally stopped killing my bike at stop lights! Now, i'm working on taking off going uphill. Since I've started riding, i've encountered a bunch of different stuff. I locked up my back tire on the highway because of an accident in the road as I came around a turn. I stayed calm the whole way through and did everything that I could remember from the book you study for your permit (which is a great source of safety info). I almost got hit by an ass who tried to pass me (and several others) on the shoulder of the road. But I paid attention and that's why I didn't get hit. I got caught in the rain. That was a bit scary at first, but I thought, "if racers can do this at 150mph, surely I can do it at 35mph!" I just stuck to everything I learned up to this moment, and it worked out great.

Gear: Icon Alliance Speedmetal helmet. I think this thing is awesome!
Harley Davidson Full Finger mesh gloves (they were a gift)
Some old leather gloves from the military
I'll get more gear as I learn what's best. The guys at the bike shop just seem to be salesmen. They really have no concerns for me, and that's not a bad thing. I'm the one that has to be concerned. I just take in the info & then sort it all out. I think next is better gloves & some shoes. I'm lost in the shoe dept.

Advice: I understand that how i've learned to ride is not the most practical way to do so. But i'm still here and everyday is the best ride I've ever had. I'm still lost on a lot of things: what kind of coolant to use. am i changing my oil right. am i waving to other bikers correctly. where the hell do i get lower fairiings for a 2004 Triumph Daytona? But in all, my advice? ...learn as much as you can and be able to apply it. When any obstacle rears it's ugly head, keep your cool, stay focused & don't crap your pants. There'll be plenty of time to crap later. I've been around the planet twice and that last bit of advice has saved my life more than once.

I can't believe that it's taken 43 years to get on a bike! It's absolutely amazing.
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