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Judge the quality of advice - OLD

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I've been the moderator of the New Riders' Forum for a year or so now and I've seen a lot of guys with little experience trying to teach other people. Sometimes the advice they offer is good, based on something they read or a course they've taken. Sometimes the advice they give is bad and is based on too little seat time. This is likely to get someone hurt.

In my opinion the current "free-for-all" system is not really working to educate new riders who need real, solid advice. I think new riders should be free to contribute, but I think that their advice needs to be given the appropriate weight against the opinions of other, more experienced people.

Therefore, to help sort out the experienced guys from the new guys, I am encouraging regular posters in this forum - people who like to give others advice - to post their Riding Resume. Let's see how everyone stacks up.

The format, more or less, should be:


Age: 40

Year bought first street bike: 1986

Type of bikes owned: 1983 Kawasaki KZ550, 1978 Suzuki GS850G, 1988 Kawasaki KE100, 1969 Yamaha DR125, 1979 Honda CBX, 1988 Honda CBR250R, 1994 Honda CB1000, 1991 Suzuki GSXR1100 (cuurent)

Certifications/Classes Etc: Current drivers licenses with unlimited motorcycle endorsement for WA state and Japan. No Classes.

General Experience: I've been a street rider for around 20 years, have had a bike pretty much the entire time. I have ridden and driven in several different countries and never had a serious accident in a car or on a bike.
If you are a advisor in this forum, please submit something similar detailing your STREET experience. <EDIT> On second thought, thanks to Medic's great post, dirt experience is good too, but please differentiate between the two. (ex: "20 years total experience, 18 in dirt, 2 on the street")

Everything in this thread is should be the unadulterated truth. I will review and challenge anything in this thread that doesn't make sense. Squids and liars will be found out and :urowned


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Handle: Pointer

Age: Don't remind me

History: 1st bike 1974..Bridgestone Chibi 60, Honda SL 70, Honda XR 75,(great bike !!) Honda Elsinor 125, Kawasaki KD 125 enduro, Suzuki TM 125 and RM a bit later. Yamaha YZ 125 and DT 400 enduro. '78 Kawasaki ltd 1000 with bore kit, 4n 1 Kerker,(that was a fun ride) Honda CBX 1100, a jinxr mix from a few years ago and now a '05 Yamaha FZ6. I'll be gettin sumthin else this spring.....just not sure at the moment. A lot of Moto X here in district 16 as well as Texas.
Handle: Hanya

Age: 22

Year bought first bike: 2005

Bikes owned: 1992 Honda Nighthawk 250, 2001 Suzuki SV650S

Certifications: MSF basic rider course with M endorsement in NC, taking ERC in April, possible track certification in fall if money exists to do so; I read a lot and have for years - it's the best way to prepare yourself before you get into motorcycling

Experience: First as a passenger in 1997 - this ranges from trips to the grocery or movie store down the street to all day rides into the mountains (600 miles max). I really enjoy riding 2 up and it has given me quite extensive insight on how cars react to motorcyclists and how to drive safely before I even began. In fact, I've never had any accidents in a car; my accidents on my bike include 2 cars (not my fault: one contact Nov 2006, one ran me off road when merging June 2005) and a patch of sand (my fault: in right hand turn April 2006) for a total count of 3. My parents neither pushed nor discouraged me from riding - they said if I earned the money and paid for everything myself, including the bike, registration, insurance, class, and gear, they would be fine with that. For this reason I consider myself to be a "responsible" rider - I work hard to pay for things but I also work hard on being educated about it all. This ties into how I would respond to anyone seeking advice as a new rider because it should take a lot of time and planning to mentally prepare yourself for what you are getting into. I listed my street riding experience in my signature a while ago so that people could automatically see where I am coming from on a quick glance. I rode 4k on the Nighthawk and I have put 6k on the SV - I do a lot of city riding and I also ride home to my parents' house 160 miles away (usually twice a month). Also, I am thinking about becoming an instructor for the MSF BRC next spring since they require 3 years riding experience and I currently have almost 2.
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Handle: Maduro Mistress

Name: Miranda

Age: 28

Year bought first street bike: 2005

Current bikes owned: 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 636, (6000 & counting miles) Yamaha TT125 dirtbike

Former bikes: 04 Suzuki GS500F (0 to 10,000 miles in 109 days)

Certifications/Classes Etc: Motorcycle license 2005, MSF 2005, car license for forever!

General Experience: Rode 4-wheelers in the summers rounding up sheep!!! when I was 10-13... Loved it. Got on the back of my now b'fs 1990 CBR 1000 in 05 and I was HOOKED. Went around the parking lot and three days later I had a bike - put 10,000 miles on that baby in the 109 days I owned her (one season minus the days I didn't ride) sold her a year and a day after I bought her for my beloved 6R. I ride everywhere, read everything, listen (biking advice) only to people I respect and know can ride. Spend every waking moment thinking about bikes and obsessing over them. (We even collect them, we have 137+ miniature motorcycles). First track day coming up in July 07 - very excited. Hope to get a knee down for the first time.

Advice: Only ride with people you feel comfortable with. I ride with a bunch of guys who can drag their elbows, they never pressure me to copy them, they just teach me one new thing each time we ride. I wouldn't give that up for anything... Choose wisely whom you associate with - it'll make all the difference in the world.
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rider resume...

OK, I'll play:

Handle:dolomoto Age: 39 Year bought first street bike: 1989

Type of bikes owned:
89-90 8000 miles on 1981 Honda CM400E (traded in on new Hawk GT)

90-93 18000 miles on 1989 Honda Hawk GT (crashed at NC Motor Speedway aka "The Rock" during a WERA club race-traded it for the Nighthawk)

93-94 9000 miles on 1983 Honda Nighthawk 650 (blew motor at Florence-Darlington Dragstrip (1/8th mile)

94-95 14000 miles on a 1991 Kaw Concours (hit by Bobcat outside Sumter, SC, I slid 160 ft face down, bike went 320 loss..bought another Connie <1 week later-cut cast off right arm to ride from Columbia, SC to PC, Florida for 6 month military duty--this only 2 weeks after the accident and 1 week after buying the Connie

1995 Won AMA Membership Renewal Sweepstakes..won 1995 BMW R1100RSL but sold it cause I had the Connie

95-2001 122000 miles on a 1994 Concours (sold outright; bought new Bandit)

01-05 59988 miles on a 01 Suz Bandit 1200s (sleeping bag came loose and wrapped around rear tire resulting in nasty highside. See the 101ft long skidmark at mm140 on the BRP (between Roanoke and Floyd, Va)

05-present 18000 miles on 89 KLR 650

Certifications/Classes Etc:
moto endorsement since 1989, completed MSF course in 1990
MSF-certified RiderCoach since 1997 (teach 20-30 BRC classes per year). WERA Novice # 869 (1993).
Iron Butt Association National Park Master Traveler (50 National Parks in 25 states < 1 yr; I did it in 10 months and 27,000 miles).
Hundreds of runs down the 1/8th mile (it's not really drag racing unless you're on the track!)

General Experience: I love riding. I love helping others to learn to ride. I'm still learning!
Ridden: Philippines, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland.:)
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Handle: MissHell
Age: 37

Year bought first street bike: 1999

Type of bikes owned: '00 Kawasaki EX250, '00 Yamaha R6, '01 Yamaha R6, '05 Yamaha V-Star 650

Certifications/Classes Etc: MSF, ERC, Track Days, Attended "How to Pick Up Your MC" workshop.

General Experience: Most of my riding experience is group riding on the street. I know I am a good/safe rider, however you can never know enough - there is always more to learn. Many people have told me they always feel comfortable riding near me, which I take as a huge compliment. My best qualities when it comes to riding --- I am a good ride leader and I am good at coaching newer riders (although I don't want to actually teach someone how to ride, that is what MSF is for :)).

Age: 41

Year bought first street bike: Not sure.... 1982 maybe?????

Type of bikes owned: Numerous dirt bikes before legal age to drive. 1969 Triumph Bonneville, 1987 Honda Super Magna, 1987 Yamaha Maxim-X, 1988 Katana 600, 2001 Ninja 250, 2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200S, 1998 YZ 250, 2002 XR100,

I currently own:
1991 Katana 600, 2001 SV-650, 2002 Aprilia Futura, 2006 CBR 600RR, 1995 XR 200, 2004 CRF 250R, 2002 Sportrax 250 quad.

Certifications/Classes Etc: Two MSF courses. Keith Code Superbike School. MC endorsement on DL since mid 80's.

General Experience: I've been a street rider for over 25 years. Had an 8 year period with no bike and now have a small harem of them. I visit Deals Gap a couple times a year and usually log close to 2000 miles in a week up there. I also do track days at CMP and am currently registered for a couple track days in 2007 already. I ride daily and my only rule is that if it is raining in the morning, I take the cage. Other than that, no matter what the temp is, I am on a bike. I log 15000 to 20000 miles each year conservatively and rotate between my Katana, Aprilia Futura, and CBR daily and have over 90,000 on the bikes that are currently in my stable with WELL over 100K total with a bike strapped between my legs. I have had a couple wrecks with no injuries due to leathers and am an advocate of ATGATT. The CBR recently replaced my Bandit 1200 and it's primary purpose is Sunday back road strafing and track days. I change tires for other riders in the area and also conduct advanced riding technique training classes a couple times a year. I love group rides with experienced riders and also love to train newer riders! No one works on my bikes but me and I enjoy restoring bikes as a hobby. My son and daughter both ride as well and my son is known as one of the fastest riders in the area on the SV 650!
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Age: 27

year i bought my first bike: 1996

type of bikes owned: KX80 YZ125, 1995 GSXF Katana 750, 1996 ZX6, 2005 ZZR600.
I currently ride the ZZR 600

General Experience: I have been riding street bike for a little over 11 years. I have not logged any track time in yet. I ride just for the fun of it. I have taken the MSF course, which i only did about 2 years ago. But it was worth it!!!!
Handle: Pepper13


Type of bikes owned: (I will try to remember them all) Briggs n stratton mini bike, Honda 50, Suzuki TM75, RM 80, RM 100, RM125,Hodaka 125 Wombat, Yamaha DT400, BMW R75/5, Honda 750/4, Yamaha Virago,(5) Triumph Bonnevilles, Harley Sportster, Harley FLH Standard, Buell S1 Lightning, Harley FLH police bike, Honda F4. and coming soon, Triumph speed triple

Certifications/Classes Etc: Motorcycle endorsement since 1980

General Experience: Been ridind since the age of 6, started racing motocross and working on my own bikes soon after that. Raced up untill the age of 17 when my attention turned to street bikes. Since then as you can see I have owned a wide selection of different bikes and have worked on them all. I have ridden cross country more than once and live in Florida and ride almost everyday. My close freinds here in Daytona own custom bike shops and I work with them on my own and have also done bike building myself. My son is following in my footsteps and is an up and coming stunter. I currently work at Corbin seats in Ormond beach Florida and act like I am all of 25 years old... :banana

Corbin Saddles, Ormond Bch, Sales Center and Warehouse.
1433 North Us Hwy 1 , Ormond Beach,FL 32174
Toll Free: 1-800-223-4332 EXT. 322
Local: 1-386-615-1205
Fax: 1-386-615-1202

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Handle: 06CBR1Ltr
Age: 37

Year bought first street bike: 1987

Types of bikes owned: Current 06 CBR 1000RR
Previous in reverse order: 98 Ninja ZX6R, 96 Suzuki Katana 600, 86 Suzuki RM 465, 84 Kawasaki LTD 440, ?? Yamaha 125 Enduro, and the first was a Honda SL 70 given to me at the age of 10.

Cirtifications/Classes: Current Drivers license w/ Montana state MC endorsment and MSF advanced riders course completion.

General Experience: Been off and on a bikes for over 27 years both on and off rode. Have had only one accident on a street bike and yes it was on the Ninja. If you don't have accidents on the dirt you're not having enough fun. But out there there aren't 4K lbs boxes hurling themselves at you.
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Handle: Silver_Ghost

Age: 37

Year bought first street bike: 2005

Type of bikes owned: 2005 Ninja 250, 2006 Ninja 650R

Certifications/Classes Etc: Current license in the state of TX w/Motorcycle endorsement.

General Experience: I grew up around bikes, raced BMX as a kid, but my brother was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident when we were kids (he was a passenger on a moped that got broadsided by a 750 Nighthawk at 95 MPH that killed his best friend and put him in the hospital for several months) - so, needless to say, it is kind of a sin in my family to even ride a bike...but I got one anyway!

I purchased a 250 Ninja to learn on in 2005, quickly graduated to a 650 Ninja, and did it properly by obtaining a license first. Thanks much to the information on this site that helped (and helps) me to prepare to be a safe rider on the street.

Granted, I do a little speeding - who doesn't! But, I always wear all my gear, I'm always aware of my surroundings, I always use my signals, and I never perform stunts on the street!

It is my goal to learn as much as I can about safe riding, and have a lot of fun - and to pass this on to as many riders as I can.

I commute approximately 100 miles per day.
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Never even saw this...interesting!

Handle: Twisted

Age: 21

Year bought first street bike: 2003-4

Type of bikes owned: 86 Ninja 500, 98 Ninja 500, 94 cbr f2 (600), 94 cbr 900rr, 97 cbr f3 (600), 99 gsxr 600, 03 gsxr 1000 (((in order)))

Certifications/Classes Etc: Just my regular license, no classes, few track days

General Experience:
3.5-4 years of Street Riding
1 get-off at the track
3 on the street
Owned everything from a 500-1000

Miles per week=600+
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Handle: Smooth7

Age: 22

Year bought first street bike: Feb. 2003

Type of bikes owned: in order- 1986 Suzuki RM80, 1994 Kawi KX100, 1999 Kawi Ninja EX250, 1994 Honda CBR600 F2, 2001 Honda CBR F4i

Certifications/Classes Etc: Current drivers licenses. Received 100% score on both driving and riding tests, car and motorcycle.

General Experience: First word was motorcycle. Started riding dirtbikes at age 10, bought my own at 11, racing at 14. Bought my first streetbike when i was 18 and have had 3 since. Estimated 15k miles in the saddle....
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Age: 22

Year bought first street bike: 2004

Type of bikes owned: 1976 Yamaha 125cc Enduro ; Early 80's Suzuki 125cc Enduro, Yamaha 650cc Electric Special, 2001 Yamaha Warrior (ATV), 1983 Yamaha XT550 550cc.

Certifications/Classes Etc: Currently enrolled in BRC with a M Permit.

General Experience: I've been riding various vehicles since about 8. I started out with my own Yamaha Sno-scoot (80cc snowmobile) and shortly moved to the Yamaha Enduro. I've been on dirt for atleast 10 years, and on road for one. I've had a few bikes inbetween, but thanks to no squidlike actions, I've had no accidents as well.
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I am the ultimate newbie. Been around a few bikes, never rode anything but a mini bike and a couple ATVs. I am looking to learn. Guess reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" got my attention :)
Besides, my wife likes the bikes.
We would really like a YZF-R1, I know a lot of bike for a newbie, and we would like a white one. Unfortunately it looks like the 2007s are only available in Europe. Any suggestions?

Moderator Edit: Please note that this thread is intended for riders resumes only. Responses to this query wll be deleted.

If you would like to offer this member advice please feel free to do so in the following thread -
Handle: Speedracer7c

Age: 22

Year bought first street bike: 2000

Types of bikes owned: Street- 1980 Kawasaki KZ750 E1 Bored with gpz pistons and cams, 1992 Ducati 907 I.E. 2003 Aprilia Mille (current bike) 2006 Kawasaki z1000. Snow- too many sleds currently riding 2007 Arctic Cat F8 Sno Pro, Dirt- 1986 Honda ATC 200x and Arctic Cat 400 4x4

Certifications/Classes: MSF Course, Intermediate and advanced, Penguin road racing school.

General Experience: Been riding dirt bikes and atvs and snowmobiles since I could walk. Been street riding since I got my lic. Restored my kz and got the 907, traded that for the Mille, also bought the z1000 but hated it and sold it. Currently riding the mille. The Penguin school was probably the most helpful part of riding to date. Done numerous track days and I have never been down on street or track. Always in control and never ride beyond my limits.
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Name: Joe

Age: 39

First Street Bike: 1986

#1 1975 Ducati 250 Enduro rode both on and off road with this one. Street legal, but fun on the dirt roads too. (1986 to 89)
#2 1978 Suzuki GS550E First true street bike, considered a "standard" style bike, flat seated top-heavy, and actually quite fast for its bulk (89 to 90)
#3 1984 Kawasaki KZ550 LTD More laid back cruiser style (90 to 92)
#4 1987 Suzuki Katana GSX600 First sportbike crazy fast for the the time (91-94)
#5 1988 Kawasaki Vulcan 750 Back to my cruiser side for a while, heavy but fast bike (95-2000)
#6 2001 Honda Shadow ACE 1100 Big heavy fun cruiser fun and comfortable on long rides, lacking in excitement (2000-2005)
#7 2005 Yamaha YZF-R6 You all know what this one is. Pure enjoyment, twitchy, scary fast, truly the toughest bike to utilize out of the list. Throttle is touchy but way responsive. (2006 - Present)
#8 2001 FXDC Harley Davidson Dyna Custom. Sometimes you just want to cruise and enjoy the scenery. (2008 - Present)

Many other bikes that were mine for limited amounts of time less than a year mostly, but I have owned at one time 8 bikes. I spent time buying repairing and re-selling bikes.

Certs: M/C endorsement for the State of ME since '85, State of FL from '87 - '89, State of ID from 89 to 91, State of VA 91 to 94, State of ME 94 to 2000, State of TX 2000 to 2005, State of AL 2005 to Present.

MSF graduate (FL).
MSF graduate (VA)
Advanced Rider (VA)
USN Motorcycle Safety Course NAS Norfolk VA

General: I grew up in Northern Maine, started riding a clutchless Hondamatic that my Grandfather owned. From then on, I knew I would ride. I inherited the Ducati from my oldest brother. He used to make me work on it before he let me ride it. When he left for the Army, he gave it to me. I rode this bike until I joined the Navy.

That is when I bought my Dad's GS550. Very top heavy bike, hard to learn how to ride, but one that when you could ride it, every other bike seemed easy. I then went through a selection of cruisers until I got the Katana.

The Katana was the bike I had while I was stationed in VA and I rode that bike quite hard. It was as close to my squid years as I get. I rode as part of a group of young sailors with crazy fast bikes and no fear. Fortunately for me, I had a good bit of experience and did not have the CBR900RR that was out at the time and a big favorite among my friends. A few of them are reduced to scrap as a direct result of errors made by my friends.

Fortunately, none of us lost our lives. A large selection of cruisers again with a few sportbikes mixed in until felt it was time for another sportbike. hence the R6. I have been on motorized vehicles since I could pee standing. Snowmobiles, ATV's, mopeds, minibikes, dirtbikes, jeeps and cars.

I will try to give caution and advice when I have something applicable to speak to, and hope for the sound of reason to win out, but I am also easily discouraged with the regularity of the fight.

Current hits from the trackpipe: 5

Runs on the Dragon: 4

Number of Asphalt sandwiches: 2
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Handle: dsfiss

Age: 31

First street bike: 2005 yamaha fz6

Types of bikes owned: 2005 yamaha fz6, 2006 ducati monster 620

Certification: MSF BRC (2005)

General experience: I'm in my third year of riding. I took the MSF BRC after continuous pestering from my gf, who went through the class about a year prior. Turned out I loved motorcycles but just didn't know it!

As a new rider with a fresh endorsement, I went to a dealer whom my gf knew well. Due to my lack of experience, he talked me away from the r6 and suggested the fz6 instead, which I bought shortly thereafter. I then stumbled into this site, and was welcomed by the fz6 fanatics! I had that bike for about a year with 9000 miles tagged on it before I crashed it. I wasn't going through twisties or trying to evade an unattentive cager however; I was simply riding in a straight line. Thinking I knew all there was to know about that bike, I goosed the throttle (which I felt I had done many times before), but this time I unintentionally pulled the front wheel up. In my attempt to keep away from oncoming traffic, I ended up steering into a divider, which clipped my rear wheel and down I went. After some introspection I decided to get a bike that was more docile. The 620 monster was an excellent choice for me.

My gf rides an sv650, which I hop on once in a while when I need a little kick.
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Handle: Jahx

Age: 29

Year bought first street bike: 2005

Type of bikes owned: 2001 Ninja 250. 1996 GS500
Certifications/Classes Etc: Current drivers licenses with unlimited motorcycle endorsement for FL. MSF Graduate.

General Experience: 23 years of dirt experience. Had a brief spat of street riding when I was 18, on ninja250 oddly enough. Moved south and kept riding dirt, just picked up the street habit two years ago. 16k miles in two years. (Low, but work restriction sucks)
Handle: 2001FZ1

Age: 30

Year bought first street bike: 1994

Type of bikes owned:
Various 3-wheelers and ATVs
‘82 Yamaha Maxim XJ-750
'89 Kawasaki ZX-7
'94 Kawasaki ZX-9R
'01 Yamaha FZ1
'04 Kawasaki Ninja 250R (still own)
'05 Suzuki GSXR-1000 (still own)

Certifications/Classes Etc: Current drivers licenses with unlimited motorcycle endorsement for Indiana. MSF Beginners Course 1993, Navy’s Rider safety course 1997, MSF Advanced Rider Course, 1998, 2004. Certified in electronics and electrical repair. Assoc. in Electronics. BA in Management.

General Experience: I've been a street rider for around 13 years with about 90,000 miles in the saddle. I have ridden in all types of weather across many states. I have done everything from lubing a chain to rebuilding blown motors on motorcycles and cars.

I have been down due to oil and anti-freeze all over the road in a curve. A car blew a motor minutes before we came through. 3 bikes went down and we were actually doing less than the posted speed limit of 55mph. Oil and anti-freeze on pavement is like ice.
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