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I've been the moderator of the New Riders' Forum for a year or so now and I've seen a lot of guys with little experience trying to teach other people. Sometimes the advice they offer is good, based on something they read or a course they've taken. Sometimes the advice they give is bad and is based on too little seat time. This is likely to get someone hurt.

In my opinion the current "free-for-all" system is not really working to educate new riders who need real, solid advice. I think new riders should be free to contribute, but I think that their advice needs to be given the appropriate weight against the opinions of other, more experienced people.

Therefore, to help sort out the experienced guys from the new guys, I am encouraging regular posters in this forum - people who like to give others advice - to post their Riding Resume. Let's see how everyone stacks up.

The format, more or less, should be:


Age: 40

Year bought first street bike: 1986

Type of bikes owned: 1983 Kawasaki KZ550, 1978 Suzuki GS850G, 1988 Kawasaki KE100, 1969 Yamaha DR125, 1979 Honda CBX, 1988 Honda CBR250R, 1994 Honda CB1000, 1991 Suzuki GSXR1100 (cuurent)

Certifications/Classes Etc: Current drivers licenses with unlimited motorcycle endorsement for WA state and Japan. No Classes.

General Experience: I've been a street rider for around 20 years, have had a bike pretty much the entire time. I have ridden and driven in several different countries and never had a serious accident in a car or on a bike.
If you are a advisor in this forum, please submit something similar detailing your STREET experience. <EDIT> On second thought, thanks to Medic's great post, dirt experience is good too, but please differentiate between the two. (ex: "20 years total experience, 18 in dirt, 2 on the street")

Everything in this thread is should be the unadulterated truth. I will review and challenge anything in this thread that doesn't make sense. Squids and liars will be found out and :urowned



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Gryz said:
I think maybe you are to make it your sig...


Age: 25

Year bought first street bike: 1998

Type of bikes owned: 1980 KZ750 LTD bored to 803cc; 2000 F4 track bike (used to be track/street hybrid); coming in June 2003 RC51; 1978 Suzuki 80cc trailbike; 50cc chinese pocketbike

Certifications/Classes Etc: MSF BRC, Endorsed for 8 years, Track classes, tips from really old really fast guys that have been passed on to me informally.

General Experience: Riding street for 8 years, and going on one year on the track, Made it through deals gap without making myself dead, Mildly Stunted (it was 1998 okay, we didnt get past wheelies stoppies Christs Supermans whats considered the basics today) the KZ when there was no 9000 tooth sprockets, and scots stabilizers were not a dime a dozen, and prior to the TRAINING TOOL of the 12 bar But I am beyond that now.

Grew up without anything like this board to help with my judgement so me, and my dad and our friends thought a Tshirt and jeans was appropriate gear, sprocket didnt need to be replaced untill it was a true circle, in otherwise the epitomy of a squid, ( I even once blew a fuse and drove 45mins home at night without a headlight or indicator lights) learned the hard way (June bug in the chest at a 100mph) and watching a number of my friends go down.

So I am a certified lobster now, and if I give you some shit its because I have been there and wish I had some people like these guys to look up to when I was getting started.

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*UPDATED April 3, 2008*

Handle: Medic001918

Age: 29

Year Bought First Street Bike: 2001
Year Started Riding: 1983. This is relevant because I started riding and racing motocross when I was 4 and continued to ride and race until 2001 when I started street riding.

Types of Bikes Owned: 2008 Ducati 1098S, 2002 Honda RC51, 1994 Honda CBR600F2. And when I was racing: 2000 Honda CR250R, 1997, 1998, 1999 Kawasaki KX250.

General Experience: I started riding and racing motocross at four years old. I continued to ride and race amatuer motocross until I was 22. After many injuries I decided it was time to make a switch, so I started riding street. I also worked in the parts department of a large Honda dealership for 3+ years.

While the post said to post street riding experience, I feel that having considerable experience with not only riding, but racing is a strong contribution to having a solid background as a rider.


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Good idea tmkreutzer! So many post whores around here these days you don't know who's a newb or vet anymore. :)

Handle: V V V

Age: 26

Year bought first street bike: 2001

Type of bikes owned: 2002 Ninja 250, 2001 Yamaha R6, 2003 Yamaha R6, 2004 KTM 525 SMC, 2003 Honda RC51, 2004 Yamaha R1 (couple of dirt bikes of course)

Certifications/Classes Etc: Current drivers licence, MSF Graduate

General Experience: Have travelled over 80,000 miles on two wheels in a little over 4 years. I've done all of the maintenance on all of my bikes. Throw in a dozen track days, 2 crashes (one on the street, one on the track), plus hitting/killing a deer and not crashing. :D

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Handle: kman458

Age: 47

Year bought first street bike: 1977

Current bikes owned: 1972 Yamaha LS-2 125 twin, 1986 Suzuki GSX-r 750, 2003 Yamaha R-1

Former bikes: Too many to remember from America, Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Certifications/Classes Etc: Current drivers licence, Keith code superbike school, former AMA & WERA license holder

General Experience: 35 years of riding, started dirt at 12 and street at 15, all types of motorcycles including motocross, trials, speedway, cruiser, and sportbikes.

When I started riding there really was no training around to help people learn how to ride and all most dealers did was go over the basic controls and wish you luck as they sent you on your way. I hope that I can pass on what I have learned over my years of riding.

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Name: KH :)

Age: 50

First Bike: 1964 Honda S90 Been riding over 42 years :)

Current Bikes: 1992 GSXR 711 a 92 750 GSXR wiith a modded 1100 engine in it. 1979 Yamaha RD400 Daytona Special.

Bikes Owned: Way too many bikes to even begin listing them. I had 15 bikes at one time all working and ridable... I have it down to 4 now 2 working other 2 are waiting on my lazy arse to rebuild them :lol

Favorite Bikes: CR500 KTM 500EXC YZ400 and my RD400

Various Certifications: Had a Motorcycle License at 15 didnt get a car license until 17 at 19 I had a Type 0 License (all trucks/passenger vehicles) Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulics Engineer, Electronics Tech, Welder, Race Car Builder, ASE Automotive Cert. American Red Cross Life Saving, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.

Racing Experience: Raced nearly anything with a motor :) 3 time state champion sprint car driver.
Raced Motocross Expert 250 and Open Class from 1972 to 91 sponsored by 2 local dealers.
Raced Flattrack and TT 73 to 79 for fun. won 2 consecutive Open Class titles in TT
Roadraced a little on a friends Suzuki Gamma 500 2 stroke.
Raced in SSCA Sports Cars in a Triumph Spitfire a couple years for laffs.

Built, Prepped, Restored and Maintained every bike or car I have owned or raced.

Worst Crash: Going over the bars at 130mph on the 711 from a vicious tankslapper that crushed my thumb between the bars and gas tank almost killer me:eek:

Pictured below are a Stocker I built and reced, my RD400 Daytona Special and Dad riding my Honda S90.


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Age: 31

Year bought first street bike: 1980

Type of bikes owned: 50cc minis (started riding when I was 6 on the side streets), Honda 250 (multiple 250cc bikes), 1983 Full dress cruiser, KX 125 (dirt), KX 250 (dirt), a dirt race bike I can't remember but it was more than I could handle, Katana 750, Daytona 600 (current street), GSXR 600 (current track bike), various mopeds growing up (even the pedal power mopeds). Most of my family rode so I was riding some type of bike before I learned to ride a bicycle.

Certifications/Classes Etc: AMA expert class dirtbike racer (supercross, motocross and hare scrambles), Class C AMA ATV hare scramble racer, will be attending the Kevin Scwantz race school in May of 2006, will attend the MSF in 2006 as well (they did not have anything like this growing up in my area). Will also be obtaining my CCS, WERA and NESBA race license this year.

General Experience: I have ridden on the street since about age 6 in some fashion or another. I stopped riding the street for a few years after putting a ZX-11 down in a curve one night at 85+ (yep I was being an idiot) decided I was getting TOO stupid and got off the road for a while. Raced AMA expert dirtbikes for several years plus just playing around off the street, after my street wreck figured the dirt was softer than asphalt. Raced quads for a while in AMA hare scrambles for a while (300EX to race and played around with a fourtrax 300 and 350 Honda Rancher 4x4). Growing up there wasn't a lot of extra money so I rode what I could get my hands on.

I am by far not the most experienced but I have learned a few tricks over the years and I continue to learn every time I get on my bike(s)!!

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Here we go: First young guy to post up. I'll admit to knowing nothing compared to these other guys, but am still willing to share everything i've learned.

Handle: kevinwilly

Age: 22

Year bought first street bike: 2005 for full street. 1998 for Dual Sport

Types of bikes owned: Street- 1995 Suzuki Katana 600, 1998 Triumph Daytona T595. Random Honda 250 dual sport. (don't even know the model, she's an oldie. Like been in the family old). Various Yamaha blasters of all shapes and sizes. Snow- Yamaha V-Max 600 sled, and various other dirt bikes/sleds etc. that i forget.

Certifications/Classes: MSF BRC grad. BS in Mechanical Engineering with a concentraion in Material Science.

General Experience: I've been on fast moving objects since birth. From my first big wheel to my first 50cc dirt bike to all the other crap i've ridden. I've never been a competitive person and have never raced. I'll never claim to have raced anything. I don't race. I get very angry and agressive and don't like myself when i compete. I started riding on the road when i was 15, just around town on the DS honda, but didnt get a sportbike until i got enough driving experience to understand how things worked. Never been down on the street, but many times on the dirt/snow. I'd like to think i'm more mature than most people my age, and am known to my friends as the "anti-fun" for my tendency to be overly cautious. Due to my education and extensive research into the field of material science, i have a unique outlook on motorcycle gear construction, mainly helmets. I try to pass on that knowledge as much as possible. I also have experience painting, and repairing busted bodywork. Been doing sportbikes for 4 or 5 years, a buddy of mine has a brother that races and we end up fixing his bikes and others like 4 times a year :rolleyes And then i have experience with engines (again- the whole college thing) and transmissions, and chains (though mainly not motorcycle ones- but chains are chains)

I usually issue a disclaimer on anything i don't know for 100%, and will never give advice when i shouldn't. I just try to help out like i wish someone did for me.

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*Updated* 07/13/2007

Handle: Iceman_954rr
Pacific Regional Moderator
Classifieds Moderator
Sportbike Videos Moderator

Age: 26

Year bought first street bike: 2002

Types of bikes owned: 1990 Yamaha FZR1000 and 2002 Honda CBR 954RR

Certifications/Classes: MSF BRC Completed 04/22/06 (Better late than never) and M Endorsement

General Experience:

Dirt: I have ridden dirt bikes, three-wheelers and quads since about 6 years old. I have ridden everything from a 70cc three wheeler, Yamaha Blaster, Yamaha Tri-Z 250, Honda XL600 enduro "thumper" (both on the street and dirt), 1989 honda CR250, to a Banshee and some missed stuff in between.

Street: Prior to buying the FZR, I used to cruise around town on my Dad's Honda XL600 Enduro...This was random intervals and I cannot place a specific time frame on it. I have about two years street experience on a litre bike. I organize and lead alot of the San Diego area group rides, conduct a quick safety briefing prior to rides and map routes. I ride 200+ miles of twisties every weekend and am currently striving to be among "The San Diego Elite". All I ride is my 954 and it is currently my "all purpose" bike...Canyons, commute and track. :banana

Track Days Completed:
Buttonwillow 05/30/2007
Spring Mountain Motorsports Park 06/30/2007
Spring Mountain Motorsports Park 07/01/2007

I am currently a "B" group track rider.

I am CPR and Emergency First Aid certified from the American Red Cross.

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Age: 26

Year bought first street bike: 1996

Type of bikes owned: KMX125, GS500, Magna 750x2, VTR1000, RC51.. Those were the new ones. Had a handful of others in various stages of disrepair (GS750, R6 ...). Ridden countless others.

Certifications/Classes Etc: Arizona motorcycle license, original US motorcycle license in Oklahoma, Philippines license and international license.

General Experience: Who knows how many miles? Motorcycle as a daily driver for about 6 years. Track experience at little tracks in the SW and Sepang in Malaysia. 1 nasty crash resulting in 8 breaks in one foot and a few drops here and there (and once rode off a cliff taking a shot at enduro riding). Also help friends build choppers when I want to work on something different. Dabbled with some old beat up BMW's in the high school days.

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I am half way through my first year of riding a supersport bike, so i cant say i know much when it comes to them, but i do think i have a pretty good info base on cycles in general, so..

Name: Matt Bentley
Handle: Bentley03600
Age: 25

Year first bought street bike: 1997

Types of bikes owned: EX-500 ninja, Yamaha seca II, H-D dyna wide glide, 1100 katana, and gsx-r 600.

Certifications/classes: i will be the first to admit that i have been too lazy to get my endorsement, i just keep renewing the ole permit. however that will be changing this year, as i will be doing an msf course with a group of friends.

General: I have been riding the last 9 years on and off, with basicly a few months off here and there, and have been riding steadily for the last 2,. i'd say i've put down between 15-20k miles, which i still feel makes me a somewhat new rider. i have been down once, messed my leg up a bit but seem to have healed back nicely. going to be drag racing on a semi serious basis this year, and being the fat kid, that will be the extent of my racing experiance, ill leave the road course stuff to the little guys, lol. i started on the seca, moved up to the ninja, then the harley and now the gixxer, and am a firm beliver in starting out on low powered, maybe even possibly a standard vs a sportbike.

Also, just had an idea, how about we put our names on this too? like up at the top? just a thought..

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Age: 32

Year bought first street bike: 2002

Type of bikes owned: 2003 Ninja 250, 2000 Yamaha R1, 2003 Kawi zx636R. Also, can ride (as they are in my garage and belong to smokenjoe) 2003 Yamaha R6 and 2003 GSXR1000.

Certifications/Classes Etc:Current license in the state of KS w/Motorcycle endorsement. MSF class participant, Currently hold a CCS Amateur License in the Great Plains region #567

General Experience:I grew up around bikes, raced (informally) BMX as kid, got my first road bike at 29 years old (the ninja 250). I rode street before I broke my collar bone and wrecked my R1, rebuilt it, went to the track and took a licensing school. Got my license last year after riding street and track all season in 2003-2004. This year am planning on racing again in amateur classes Supersport, Superbike and Superstock. I work on my own bikes, have prepped both of mine to race, work on my bf's bike and all of my friends. I try to help out and offer insight and perspective to questions w/o being overbearing.

Here is a pic of me growing up on my grandfathers bike when I was 4


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Age: 24

Year bought first street bike: 1999

Type of bikes owned: 1995 YZF 600R, 78 1100 H.D. Sporty, 50cc Honda, some old dirt bikes I use to have.

Certifications/Classes Etc: Current drivers licenses with motorcycle endorsement for Pa state.

General Experience: I have had my own bike since I was 5 yo. It was a 50cc Honda then I went to a 90cc after that. I rode that until it either blew up or I out grew it I really don't rember, then I had some dirt bikes form 125 to 250's., I got a H.D. 1100 sporty, and a 95 YZF 600R. I have been on the street since 99 with no cycle accidents on the street. I also do some minor stunting.

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Age: 28

Year bought first street bike: 1998

Type of bikes owned: HD Sportster 1200 (first bike and last HD), 98 ZX7R, 98 Superhawk, 03 ZX6R

Certifications/Classes Etc: Current drivers licenses

General Experience: Have worked full time at a motorcycle shop off and on since 99' (I have been either full time or part time for the same dealer since 99). So I have ridden almost every sort of bike out there. Still have yet to ride the current GSXR-1000 or any ZX-10, but that will happen this year. And with all the different bikes I also have lots of different tire and other add on experience. Have a couple of trackdays under my belt (last one resulting in a broken collar bone). Maybe I should mention that I know how to spell check before I post too?

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Handle: Scuffedknees

Year Bought first street bike:1995

Types of bikes owned(street): 1993 Honda Night Hawk 750, 1995 Yamaha YZF600r, 1999 Yamaha R6, 2000 Yamaha R1 (track only), 2001 Yamaha R6, 1998 Honda Superhawk, 2003 Honda Superhawk, 2007 R6

Certifications/Classes: Became a certified MSF instructor in 1998. Keith Code Race School in 2000

General Experience: I have been on two wheels since i was 7years old when i got my first CR80 ! I have been riding ever since, I dont like to go a day without riding. I have about 85,000 Miles on the street.(between all of my bikes) I love to travel with my bike

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Handle: dug

Age: 37

Year bought first street bike: 1995

Type of bikes owned: Moped in the 80's, '93 CBR600F2, '94 F2, '98 SuperHawk, '99 CBR900RR, '03 DRZ400S, '05 GSXR750, '06 Sport1000

Certifications/Classes, etc.: M1 endorsement since '95, MSF BRC, MSF:Dirt, CLASS, Code at Doc Wong's

General Experience: Rode a moped for three years in my teens, rode my dad's Honda CB350 'til he caught me and took the keys, bought my '93 F2 as a salvage title after my divorce and a nine year break from bikes. Have had three minor wrecks, dropped it by leaving the disc lock on, ran out of gas, street riding, commuting, sport riding. Old enough to know I don't know everything. Young enough to want to.

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Age: 36

Year bought first street bike: 1990

Type of bikes owned (in order): 1986 Ninja 900R > 1991 ZX-11 > 1993 Honda F2 > 1996 GSXR 750 > 1999 GSXR 600 > 2002 GSXR 750

Other recreational vehicle experience (alot of each): 3 & 4 wheeled ATV's, Stand-up and sit-down style Jetski's, Snowmobiles

Certifications/Classes Etc: Motorcycle street license 1990-current, Learning Curves new racer licensing school 1995, CCS Licensed Amateur regional roadracer 1996-1997, CCS Licensed Expert regional roadracer 1998-current, Vision Sports Racer University advanced racers school 2005

General Experience: Started riding a slow automatic 3-wheeler in late grade school and progressed up to fast 3 & 4 wheelers with clutches very quickly, I still ocasionally ride 4-wheelers currently. At 20 years old, without any previous motorcycle experience of any type, I bought my '86 900R sportbike used. After a year I bought my ZX-11 new and rode that on the street till I sold it in the late 90's. I took the new racer licensing school on my '93 F2 at the end of '95, started Amateur road racing in '96 on a brand new '96 GSXR 750, and became an Expert going into the '98 season. My 1st year as an Expert I started the season by finishing top 5 at my 1st event and was in the Top 10 constantly from that point on with my best finishes being 2nd places, but admittedly I have never won a race! I have only raced GSXR's over my 10 years of racing, hence my screen name. I have only dropped a bike once on the street (only scraped 1 fairing - not an accident in my opinion) at a very slow speed due to a bad set of variables all coming together at once, this was in '99 in my 10th year of riding on the street. I have crashed 4 times while racing, 3 times were due to being forced off the track by other riders, and once because I was using a front tire that was well beyond needing replacement. My only injuries (other than bumps and bruises) have been a lightly sprained wrist and ankle and I partially tore my shoulder when I crashed because of the bad tire. I have been driving cars/trucks on the street for 20 years and have NEVER had an accident, even though I log alot of miles every year. I stopped riding my own motorcycles on the street when I sold my ZX-11 in the late 90's, any riding on the street since then has been very rare and generally on my brothers '98 900RR or to put some miles on a brand new race bike before racing, but usually less than 100 miles. In 2005 I had the opportunity to work on the M4 Suzuki AMA Pro roadracing team as a wrench during the Daytona event, this was a great experience and involved alot of work for the entire week. Most recently I have been interested in mentoring people looking to get on the track themselves, especially if they look to race.

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Age: Still kickin

Year bought first street bike: 1980 > 100cc, & 1977(approx) < 100cc

Type of bikes owned: 400, 550, 100o, 750, 1100 + experience riding a large variety of others including motocross, enduro etc..

Certifications/Classes Etc: CI, RCT

General Experience: Somewhere beyond 3-400K on motorized single track vehicles + unknown thousands on non-motorized. Currently have trained in excess of 7-8000 beginners, experienced and authority riders
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