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Jet Kit

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What jet kit do you have and how much did it cost? and how much did it cost to install and what kind of performance did you get out of it?
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Factory pro jet kit. every thing i have read has told me that factory pro make the best jet kit for this bike.

i bought my Jet kit with my Muzzy's titanium exhaust and i got a really good deal on it. so good its not worth mentioning. and installed for free.
Factory Pro stage 1. Don't remember how much it cost, probably around $100 at the time. Put it in myself. I preferred Factory Pro over Dynojet because I didn't want to mess with any plugging or drilling of my carb parts that is required with a Dynojet kit.

Overall, I'm not impressed with what you get for that amount of money. Aside from the different emulsion tubes, there's nothing in there that you couldn't buy separately for cheaper - longer slide return springs, needle shims (or even totally new needles with a better taper), different sized main jets. If you're not going to do the work yourself, don't bother with buying a kit, just take it to a shop and have them tune it. They should just charge you for the parts they end up using instead of a whole kit.

Oh, and as for performance, I'm still trying to work out the bugs that come with trying to properly jet a 96-03 ZX-7R. Haven't had any dyno runs, but it seems stronger throughout most of the rpm range. The part that had the most effect was shimming the needles 1 mm to erase the huge hole in the midrange after putting on the full muzzy's titanium exhaust and K&N filter.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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