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FS: 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport

4.0L, 6 cyl.
Red with black soft top
Half doors
mileage approx: 48,000

I am the original owner, and am not into off-roading.

New parts:

Tires, size 31*10.5, June 2003
Factory engine, July 2003
*approx. 13,000 miles on this engine, most of which are highway miles (to/from school that is 500 miles away)
Battery, September 2003
*has a 2 yr/24,000 mile warranty (fully transferrable) on it--from Sears
Air Condition compressor, May 2004
Clutch, June 2004

*New parts due to:
factory defects (engine/AC comp.),
normal wear/tear (tires, clutch)
left the lights on while at class for 2 hours (battery)

Jeep is no longer under factory warranty, HOWEVER, I purchased an EXTENDED WARRANTY on it that will cover major parts (transmission, AC, engine, etc.) until 70,000 (note: warranty is fully transferrable).

Please note: there is some hail damage to the hood. From what I'm told, it can be easily fixed (been quoted anywhere from $150 to $800...depends on where you go), but I've never cared that much about it to what to spend the money for that (kinda gives it character...I mean, it's a JEEP, not a luxury vehicle).

I live on the NW side of Houston. I am not willing to ship this across the country, so please don't ask. Only serious inquiries will be answered. Please PM me for more details.

Pictures will be sent on a request-only basis (I'm sorry if this deters you).

The asking price is set at $14,000 (due to all the new parts on it), but I will entertain serious offers.

The reason I am selling it is because I am in need of a family car now, otherwise I would definitely keep it. It is fun to drive (esp. on gorgeous Texas days), and has been reliable (except for the unfortunate problems with the engine, that I can explain in more detail...if you want to know, PM me). I think this would be a great vehicle for someone without kids (at least no young children), or for someone wanting an extra car to have for fun.

Let me know if you're interested!
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